Hourglass Shape: You Can Not Miss a Suitable Shapewear

If there is something that has always been present in our lives, it is the love for the female body and its different forms, one in particular, the hourglass shape. Since the Renaissance era, women in paintings had voluminous hips and that particular silhouette that can be seen in most paintings of that time, which led many women to want to look the same as those paintings and fashion was strongly influenced in that long-awaited hourglass figure. Reaching a point where corsets went down in history as the number one item of the era, it gave you everything you wanted, big breasts, a small waist and wide hips.

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Flatten Tummy Body Shapewear with 3 Hooks

That fashion always influenced women’s body trends and still does, in a different way of course, but with that touch of the Renaissance era without being so extreme, because let’s be honest, how could they use that day after day? I can’t imagine wearing something so stiff on my stomach every day just to look a certain way, but if we think about it, we still do that, but in a very different way. Either with different clothes that accentuate the figure, either by style or by its design that makes you look like a totally different body than you actually have.  The art on the body has influenced our lives for decades and still does, thanks to all the communication we have right now, we can find hundreds of inspirations on the catwalks about the woman’s body and its different forms, how to highlight it and how to wear it a step further, how to do better.

Despite the fact that those big and fluffy dresses of the era are no longer used, the corset has managed to pass from generation to generation to what we now know as shapewear. This historic garment is now a very common accessory for women, whatever their economic position, this piece is a must-have in the lives of women, in their day to day, for their moments and special events in their lives. There are hundreds of brands out there trying to do their bit to show off and help different bodies and sizes look their best. In particular, I always say that they Choose Durafits.

Their designs know how to understand the figure of women, and more to those are wide hips, or voluminous bodies, their brand is about making each little curve shine and making it notice the way you want. They have the best bodysuit shapewear on the market today, and you won’t have to spend a fortune to get your hands on it, you can even vary the options and have a design that suits your needs without having to compromise anything.

If you have problems finding something in your size and that does not squeeze like a lemon, they have one of the best best plus size shapewear on their page, you can choose it from any model without feeling limited in options, which is a plus since many stores they do not have it because they are limited to very generic sizes. If you were looking for it, you already found it!

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