How to Choose A Casual Suit Top Suitable for Women

Gone are the days when suits were predominantly for men. The modern woman is business-oriented and needs a casual attire to complement her profession. She can look chic in any formal wear, especially the suits. Today we are going to show you how to choose a casual top that is suitable for women.

Fashion blouses

The style your office wear with a stylish blouse ready to pair with a fitting blazer and heels. The silk blouses with a tie front in a fun print match well with jeans and skirts. Mix and match your suits with fashion blouses and upgrade your off-duty game to the head-turning outfits perfect for those significant events.

Turtle necks

The lightweight or cozy wool turtlenecks are timeless. They can be worn alone or with other pieces for more warmth. It can be paired with pants or skirts for a classic suit match. The sleeveless can be layered to make an effortless yet sophisticated outfit.

Button-ups shirts

Smart up your suit with a button-up shirt and keep it casual. On chilly weather, opt for long sleeve button up and on warm weather choose a button vest top. These shirts compliments your figure, try out different colors to spice up your style.


It can be sleeveless, cap sleeve, or slip-on collarless blouse. Cashmere and silk shells blend well with suits; they are a perfect layering option under anything without being too heavy or constricting. If in a hurry, the shell top achieves a finished high-end look.


Pair your bodysuit with a denim’s high-waist jeans and a low heel and spend your day looking cute. The lightweight and close fit of the bodysuit enables you to stay calm and still look polished. They can be worn with any bottom and great for a grab-and-go look.

The goal for a casual suit is to look the best you can. You may meet a new client or have to represent your firm in an event. How you look represents you and your firm. So, you have to be professionally smart. With that in mind, if you pick up an outfit and doubt it, don’t put it on.

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