Suitable High Heels Worn by Short Women

Being short is excellent, especially if you have people to help around in reaching high heights. However, it cannot be enjoyable when the whole world tower over you. Worry no more because you can slightly add your height with super high heels. Here are suitable heels that will work in your favor.

Slingback Sandals

Show off your pedicure with Slingback sandals and free your feet from the winter closed shoes. The high heels feature a strap that goes around the back of your foot. It is the trendy heel to fancy up your summer wardrobe.

Square Toe Strappy Kitten Heel Sandals

Kitten-Heel Slides

These heels that were once considered as kitschy or unflattering are cute and stylish. They add the perfect amount of heel for the short woman looking for a not so high shoe. The refined low heel is ideal for any occasion.

EricdressSuede Plain Peep Toe Stiletto Heel Pumps

Peep Toes

The peep-toe shoes are comfortable to slip on, and push all round can be worn with jeans, dresses, and skirts. It has an opening at the toe box, which allows the toes to show. This is not the same as flat toed shoes; this reveals only a small portion of the toes. The shoes are all-season perfect.

Classic Pumps

Nothing says style and elegance like classic pumps that are beautiful, comfortable, and feminine. The shoes are seasonless and have an elongated pointy toe and a sleek and elegant stiletto heel. This adds a little twist in design to prove optimum flexibility. 

Women’s Classic High Heel Ankle Strap Pumps

Ankle Strap Sandal

These are comfortable high heels that can match any outfit for whatever occasion you are headed to. The heel size is medium and has a cushioned sole providing less pressure on the ball of your foot. If you are looking for a comfortable high heel, ankle strap sandal will suit you right.

Although wearing heels will make the short women feel taller, you should stick to the right height. When you wear heels that are too high, you might feel off-balance. The heels height should be proportionate to your height. All in all, the heels add personal confidence in day to day life.

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