The Latest Summer Color Trends for 2024

Every new season is the opportunity to renew our wardrobe and therefore include new colors that can make a difference in the final look.

Summer allows us to combine a more vibrant palette, full of energy, not just through clothes. If you are a more classic woman, you can take advantage of pieces from your basics/essentials collection and include color vibrations through accessories or makeup.  

Should I only focus on vibrant colors for summer?

Not necessarily. The color represents summer, but the season’s color palette also features neutral colors. The interesting thing here is knowing how to harmonize the tones according to your personal style and the event you intend to attend.

You can create an extremely comfortable look for going to work, like the color apricot crush, for example. Here it is interesting to mix popular summer colors with classic colors like white. So, opt for a blazer in this burnt orange tone and pants in the same color to create a monochromatic look. The white blouse here brightens up your look without taking away the vitality of your summer outfit.

Next to the palette, you can also opt for tangerine, apricot, or mellow peach. Pair it with light makeup. You can use blush, eye shadow, and even lipstick in a peach tone that will make you more elegant and live your maximum potential in the workplace.

How to use vibrant colors correctly?

If your style is classic or romantic, you can opt for the colors Vanilla Cream, Chalk, and Beetroot Purple to create a look with refinement and sophistication.

Shades such as violet, intense purple, and even lavender work very well with this creamier white. You can mix the intensity of the color with a cleaner tone to distribute good taste wherever you go.

If you are a woman with a strong personality or who identifies with a creative/artistic style, you can invest in opposing vibrant color palettes to deliver a totally glamorous look. Therefore, combine Beetroot Purple with Glacier Lake. Colors that remind us of nature will be very popular. So pastel green, lime green, fresh mint, and other tones can create a perfect marriage with shades of purple.

To complete the look, opt for shoes and bags in light tones. Glacier Gray can fit in with accessories excellently. You can even opt for cat-eye sunglasses in white because they are retro pieces that bring a lot of style to the modern woman.

What colors never go out of style?

There are some colors that never go out of fashion, they are always in evidence and there are palettes of shades that change according to the trends of the seasons. So gray, red, white, and black are some examples of them. In summer, avoid very dark colors, as they retain more heat, leaving you with that feeling of suffocation or sweat that no one likes.

You can create looks by mixing red with Waterspout that resembles the soft blue of a summer sky or perhaps with Galactic Cobalt. The latter can even be used with a satin dress or a jacket with a metallic look to go to a night party and embark on a trend that will be very popular this year, which is space. So, there will be a lot of inspiration from astronauts, constellations, and aliens to create a look inspired by futurism.

It also combines with colors such as Popcorn which brings a cheerful yellow, with Oatmeal which has a more earthy tone perfect for a casual look, and even with Beetroot Purple, already mentioned here.

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