Explore the Favorite Lipstick Number in the Cosmetic Bag

You may disagree with us when we say that lipsticks are the first that comes through our minds when talking about makeup. Creating a unique color to our lips makes a significant impact on our over-all face appearance. Getting poor-quality lipsticks will ruin your entire look, so it is vital to choose the lipstick and its shadow that suits you!

Well, with endless varieties of lipstick and shades, you must be able to match a lipstick base on your skin tone perfectly! It will help you look gorgeous and staying beautiful like you never think you can without any other makeup. So to speak, if your skin tone is light, then better to go for a paler nude; if not, then go for a deeper nude.

Down below is the list of favorite and popular lipstick in trend these days! Something that you will love to carry all the time with you for a quick lips refreshes.

1. Beauty Strike Twice Lip Duo

You can never feel how amazing and gorgeous this Beauty Strike Twice Lip Duo until you experienced and used it already. It has a highly pigmented creamy and smooth formula ideal for day and night use for a natural and bold look! A combination of lipstick and lip gloss in the same color.

2.  Luminous Lip Canyon

It combines a pencil’s convenience that works as a lipstick in a jumbo crayon size design, such unique and impressive creation from Juice Beauty. It’ll provide your lips with the subtle shine and comfortable wear in a creamy texture!

3. Hot Lips Lipstick Refill

Something that you count on for a perfect pout to hypnotize the world! It has well designed squared-off angle tip for better shading to illuminate an illusion of enhanced lip fullness. You can be proud of this Hot Lips Lipstick Refill for its refill capability, which is good for the environment!

4. Matte Revolution Lipstick

Put the magic on and start feeling the confidence in your beautiful and alluring pout through this Lucky Revolution Lipstick. Getting your bright cherry red lips is already at the palm of your hands without feeling hydrating and drying over time.

5.  Lily Lolo Lipstick

Are you having nightmares with your dry and chapped lips? Better solve that problem using this Lily Lolo Lipstick that will never make your dry lips worse! With its ingredient that is gluten-free to avoid allergies since there is no denying that your lipsticks go through your mouth. A must-have lipstick with perfect shading and health benefits.

It might be too overwhelming for you to choose your lipstick from literally hundreds of different lipsticks out there. Honestly, each shade will probably look good on you, but getting your right lipstick will enhance your beauty on a whole new level. You may at least try some of these great lipsticks and learn to pay special attention to your skin tone to match your lipstick shade!

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