Fragrance Beginner’s Guide: How to Start Your Perfume Collection

Starting a perfume collection can be a unique experience, as scents go beyond being just classified as a pleasant smell. They can provoke interesting sensory and psychological stimuli in human beings.

Discovering perfumes that can make you create memories is quite rewarding, as it is as if you were choosing the type of paint to paint a picture for an important exhibition. The canvas is your body and the perfume is the design created. This is an important first step, you have fun exploring the world of fragrances.  

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How do I choose a perfume that represents me?

You need to identify your signature scent. It’s the type of fragrance that you will use most frequently, in your daily life for work, shopping, etc.

So, find out your preferences. Try different types of aromas such as floral, oriental, citrus, gourmand, and even woody. Even because the latter is more used in men’s perfumes, but nothing prevents you from identifying with scents of the opposite gender.

In fact, there are many perfumes that are known as shareable. This means that they can be used by both men and women, as they are agender fragrances. Therefore, many women can fall in love with a perfume, which, for example, has woody base notes together with vanilla that provides a special sweetness.

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Speaking of which, they are extremely important in the process of choosing your perfume. So, pay attention to which notes you like best. There are many fragrances based on lavender, jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, and orange blossom, among others.

Another important factor is the occasion. You can choose your signature perfume as mentioned above, but you can also have others that are aimed at special occasions such as parties, weddings, clubs, evenings, and even fragrances with a more sensual touch for a dinner for two. In the latter case, invest in perfumes with warm aromas in the final notes. Spices like cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, and sandalwood are elegant and sexy.

Furthermore, you can also buy perfumes according to the climate of the place where you live. If the climate is mostly cold, you can invest in perfumes with a stronger hold. But if you live in a country with a warmer, tropical climate, prefer lighter perfumes with fresh and citrus notes. Who knows, maybe even a Deo cologne could be an interesting and lighter option for the summer.

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How should I start my collection?

Start small and increase little by little. The more you train your olfactory skills, the more you will know how to identify perfumes that represent your personality.

It’s important to try before you buy, so visit-in-person perfumeries near you and test the perfume on your skin. This is important, as each scent may undergo slight changes depending on the PH of each skin.

The initial and strongest smell will be the top notes. A few minutes later you will feel the heart notes, but it is the base notes that remain with greater intensity. So, apply a few sprays in strategic areas and go make other purchases. After an hour, return to the perfumery and choose the fragrance that delivers the best final performance on your skin.

If the perfume you want is too expensive, you can invest in fewer samples or against types of confident brands that follow the same olfactory line as the desired scent. Furthermore, it is interesting to take advantage of online promotions, and discount coupons and read opinions from other online users.

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