It is not new that the knitted hats fell in the taste of cool girls, but many still have doubts on how to combine this accessory. During the coldest days, women’s knitted hats and caps are a trademark of street style clicks. In addition to fulfilling their main function – heating the head and ear – they are also ideal for days of bad hair day. In addition, women’s knitted hats make winter looks more modern.

How to wear a female cap or knitted hat

If you still have doubts about how to use and combine the accessory, we lend a hand and show you several incredible inspirations. Many cool girls wear knitted hats in a very interesting way and with the arrival of the cold they can enjoy it a lot, since it is a piece to keep them warm.

For those who live in warmer places, a good option is the crochet knitted hat, since the thread is a lighter and fresher material than wool.

Where should cool girls wear a knitted hat?

Knitted hat is an informal piece, which combines with relaxed looks. So, depending on where you work, it may not be very well accepted. The knitted hat usually fits best in two types of style: a grunge look or a preppy look. The coolest way to wear a hat at the moment is to leave it very loose and fall on the top of the head. And hats with pompom have an extra charm, but it’s a little bit harder to find in stores.

But be it in streetwear or in more formal productions – like going to work, for example – knitted hat and berets go super well. The accessories not only warm you up, they can also complement a look or even become the main piece of production.

What is the ideal knitted hat?

Knitting, wool, or whatever the material is, knitted hat (or caps) are the main accessories when it comes to protecting your head and ears from the cold. Colored or in neutral tones: the choice really depends on your taste.

As said before, the models with pompom recently stood out again and can be a good choice to give a sportier or relaxed look.

Also, do the French and throw yourself in the berets. The model is a classic that was revived in full force last European winter and is winning the seasons. Whether black or colored, the beret guarantees a very charming look!

What to wear with knitted had to be a cool girl?

The female knitted hat is an accessory capable of guaranteeing an urban cool touch in the most diverse styles. Extremely versatile, the option is found in different shapes, colors and materials, pleasing anyone looking for a way to guarantee “an extra charm” in the look.

An example is the combination of knitted hat + dress, emerging as a romantic and fun alternative. The unpretentious style goes well with sneakers, shoes and even a fringed low-top boot – ensuring airs that border on folk style. The look also matches the famous plaid shirt tied around the waist, as well as jackets and vests that round off the production.

Winter women’s hat

Another light and relaxed possibility is the knitted hat with a bib, transmitting a look marked by comfort and tranquility – ideal for casual walks, such as outdoor walks and afternoons in the park. Here, colorful hats also come into play that can serve as prominent points in the look.

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