Collections of High-heeled Slippers Trends

This season the shoe trends have been quite varied. Coming from the pandemic, most of them were based on comfort as well as looking chic. So, a lot of importance was not given to heels. But for those who are heel lovers and definitely need some height. There were a lot of options sprinkled between platforms, wedges, and boots. A lot of them also included chunky chains and straps. But most were concentrated on the existence of different flats. But there are heel lovers who need some more insight. So, let us take a look at what are the new trends in terms of high-heeled slippers.

1.Criss Cross Heeled Slippers

Summer has started with a blast and we need something super comfy to wear with jeans as well as dresses. Something that also provides us with a bit of height. It also comes in different vibrant colors.

 These high heeled slippers or sandals are extremely comfy, can be worn on any occasion and are mine go to sandals. Because I can wear them anytime anywhere, I want. Whether grocery shopping, going office or a quick hang out with friends. These high heeled summer slippers are your best choice.

2. Mid Heeled Simply Slippers Sandals.

When you are simply going for a stroll and require something easy to wear. These are your choice of slipper sandals. These open toe slip ons are also great when worn on ocean side or lake side. They are available in various colors like yellow, white and look great with skinny fit ankle jeans. Pair a shirt with it and you are good to go without adding any accessories.

3.Cleared heeled slippers

It’s summer and there are obviously going to be parties and night outs. Now who doesn’t have a fantasy about being a princess, wearing glass slippers with a lovely outfit. Not a gown especially in summer, but pairing these clear heeled slippers with a lovely dress, would make you feel like a princess. So go get ready with your dancing shoes and let us roll with these elegant, and delicate looking heeled slippers.

4.Blue summer slippers

These slippers are perfect for such hot summer days.They are super comfortable and light.They have their own unique and delicate style.They look great /incredible with any kind of summer outfits,jeans or dress.The important point is they are handmade.The sole that is used is very hygienic and made up of great quality material.

5.Furry Heeled Slippers

Now these slippers are something that you don’t see or wear every day. These slippers can be worn in a summer wedding or a prom, if the color is ok then they can be worn during casual wear.

Apart from these, we have quite a few trends this year right from clunky chains to gladiator sandals, furry flip flops, and whatnot. So go make your choice today.

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