We should have dancing the night away for christmas and New Year’s celebrations, but in the middle of bubbles, karaoke and Secret Santa gifts is the pesky foot pain from having to keep those sparkly stilettos on for hours on end.

High heels looked amazing but can be uncomfortable, and so we put together top tips to be able to walk (and dance) without pain in heels to help. Check out our tips to be able to party free of pain!

For the toes of your heels

The practice of taping toes to wear heels has been appreciated by many individuals, and Woodside Clinic Regent Street’s Osteopath Anisha Joshi has stated that this is a helpful way to alleviate discomfort.

To chat with HELLO! “She said:” They suggest that since it eliminates the pressure from the ball of your foot, you can tape your 3rd and 4th toes together. There is a nerve that divides between these two toes and it can minimize the pain sensation by reducing the pressure put on it.

Crystal Mid Calf Boots Pointed Toe Thin High Heels

How can you make your most deadly party heels comfier?

Shoe expert Dr Naomi Braithwaite of Nottingham Trent University revealed that a good fit and a little help from gel insoles can go a long way.

She told HELLO!: “Gel insoles can be delightful on the soles of the feet, particularly if you are going to be wearing at an occasion when standing is on the agenda. Ultimately fit is key so it is important to have heels that fit well and that have a padding in between the inner sock and sole of the shoe.”

How do you make your most lethal party heels more comfortable?

Shoe expert Dr. Naomi Braithwaite of the University of Nottingham Trent revealed that a good fit and a little support can go a long way with gel insoles.

She said HELLO to her! “On the soles of the feet, gel insoles can be delightful, particularly if you are going to wear on an occasion when standing is on the agenda. Fit is essentially important, so it is necessary to have heels that fit well and that have a padding between the shoe’s inner sock and sole.”

With plasters and gel cushions, be prepared

“She also indicated that you can dramatically adjust your comfort levels by opting for a platform with your high heel or a shorter heel, explaining:”

Choosing to wear a height that is manageable is very arbitrary, but having a less high heel or a platform sole can make a big difference in comfort. “Anisha agreed and recommended to” have platform shoes that also have a heel under the foot ball.

When you’ve got flat feet, what about high heels?

Naturally, it is harder for people with flat feet to wear high heels, but this does not mean that you need to stick to ballet pumps forever!

Dr. Naomi clarified: that since they would hold the foot more or less at the same position , making heels much less uncomfortable, a wedge would probably be the most useful for you.

The secret is planning!

The best protection is to be prepared to wear high heels without discomfort. If you know you are wearing heels that, after a certain amount of time, start to hurt your feet, stock your bag with everything you need to support.

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