Girlfriend’s Favorite Gucci Bag Review

Do you want to hear exciting trivia? Gucci has been in the fashion business for around a hundred years! Can you imagine a brand lasting that long? No wonder they’ve established Gucci as an iconic brand known for its quality, style, and luxury.

Though the brand is originally from Italy, the styles were initially inspired by those living in certain areas in England. Being one of the top trendsetters globally, Gucci has established the brand to be one of the most favored brands by girlfriends, wives, and even men. If you’re looking to check some of their most beautiful pieces, check out this collection below:

Gucci Horsebit 1955 Small Top Handle Bag

This classic piece has a dome shape handle for a better shoulder grip. If you’re not familiar with a horsebit, it’s a house icon from the 50s. You can see the horsebit in front of the bag through the buckle. It looks like the Gucci logo, which originated from the fashion designer and businessman Guccio Gucci. The Gucci Horsebit 1955 Small Top Handle Bag has a beautiful and sleek design paired with almost any clothing, even a formal one. It’s the perfect investment for those who want to get a Gucci bag for the first time because of its versatile look.

Gucci Ophidia Backpack

Gucci’s Ophidia GG Small Backpack is a cute and versatile bag that serves as a backpack purse for a stylish and chic look. Its red and green details come from the classic pieces of the ’50s, with textured leather trim. If you’re not familiar with Ophidia, it’s the fabric or leather pattern that takes up most of this bag. There’s a Gucci Ophidia collection that features the same design, double G hardware, and classic details that make Gucci a global status symbol.

You can put your essentials here like your phone, wallet, car keys, small planner or journal, and even your make-up kit. You can also use it as a book bag as long as they’re not too bulky or oversized.

Quilted Leather Cross-body Bag

GG Marmont Mini Quilted-leather Cross-body Bag has a nice blue tint with silver hardware complementing the bag’s cool tone. It has silver hardware even on the adjustable chain strap, so you can choose to carry it as a cross-body or shoulder bag. It features salmon-pink faux-suede lining and a spacious compartment for your essentials, perfect for a mini bag.

Gucci 1955 Horsebit Small Bucket Bag

This bag features the horsebit hardware that’s mostly present with the bags produced in 1955. It’s one of the classic features that make a Gucci bag a status symbol.

The Gucci 1955 Horsebit Small Bucket Bag is a lovely purse with a great foundation at the bottom with sturdy leather and canvass materials, excellent to be an everyday bag.

Small 1969 Sylvie Tote Bag

It features a well-structured form, gold hardware, top handle, and detachable strap. Using this bag can help give you a more dressed up look.

The bags, shoes, and even clothes that you’ll get from Gucci will surely last you long enough to pass it down as an heirloom to your daughter or granddaughter. Being an environmentally aware consumer, investing in high-quality and versatile pieces like Gucci bags will help lessen the waste that goes down to our landfills brought about by fast fashion and fast-moving goods. Hence, you can be assured that your money will be well-spent with one of these gorgeous and timeless pieces.

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