Pleated Skirt Trend – Best Spring Pieces

Spring has recently begun, and I love the fresh of breath air! Though I can hardly go out, it’s so lovely to go out to the patio and savor the rich colors around me. It’s also an excellent time to get dressed and finally wear a skirt! One of my favorite skirts is pleated skirts, and it’s even more impressive than it’s currently in trend! There’s something so classy about these skirts’ beautiful vertical lines, especially when I wear a silk one and the pleats glow under the sun!

Pleated skirts are popular this season and beautifully adds character to almost any outfit! Here are the top pleated skirt styles I found on the web that you’ll most likely love too!

The rose gold color of this pleated skirt is stunning! You can add a cute white blouse and tuck it in the skirt for that elegant vibe. To prevent looking overly dressed, you can wear it with a pair of cool white kicks to match your top!

For only $20, you can get this super cute plaid and pleated skirt from Asos! Styling your clothing as if you’re one of the popular girls from the early 2000s has been trending lately! You can wear this skirt with a cute pair of tie-up sandals or boots!

Pleated Skirts You Must Have!!!

Are you going for a picnic or a casual date during the day? A black pleated skirt that you can quickly wear with basic tops and accessories is the way to go! Having a long pleated skirt is a significant closet investment because you can wear it with almost anything!

If you want to look feminine and have a vintage style, a stylish retro midi skirt will make looking like a sweet gal from the 70s a piece of cake! You can easily wear it with neutral or complementary colors for a classic vibe!

Bright and pastel colors are such eye candies for spring! Look and feel refreshed with a cute sky blue pleated skirt that can make your basic tops look well-dressed!

One of the surprising trends this season are tie-dyed clothing! Who knew it’d come back? Though it never really died down, tie-dyed clothes weren’t too popular as well until recently. I have to admit, this pleated tie-dyed skort from Macy’s is incredibly unique, fun, and fabulous!

You can never go wrong with jean pleated skirts! Have you noticed anything with the recent spring trends? A lot of the stylish pieces that are popular right now are usually inspired from the early 2000s! Adding a cute jean bucket hat seems like a fabulous idea too!

These pleated skirts are in right now, and you don’t have to miss out on wearing the latest and fun pieces because you can get these at relatively affordable prices! They’re cute, fun, and almost all of them are versatile so that you can wear them throughout the year!

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