Available in different models, cuts, lengths and fabrics, the spotted skirt is a great alternative for those who like to escape a little from the basic day-to-day jeans or want to bet on a fresher look for work without having to cover the legs.

Regardless of what your favorite cut is, it is worth remembering that the biggest secret to getting the choice right and composing a beautiful look is to think the combination that is according to your style and the occasion.

The characteristics that make the many variations of this type of garment more suitable for one or another situation are its color, its fabric, its length and the combinations that complete the look. A straight skirt of fabric and sober colors can be used with thin pantyhose and pumps to go to work and even to go out at night, if combined with short boots or high-heel sandals.

Matching spotted skirts with occasions

In order not to err in choosing the skirt in any situation, use the same guidelines that determine whether or not a dress would be suitable for the dress code. For example, if for a cocktail it is better to opt for a more noble dress, with discreet shine, at the knee, for the use of a spotted skirt, a model with looser fabric, composing with a blouse in the same pattern, it would be a great option.

When formality is required, the ideal is to wear straighter cut skirts or pencils, also at the knee. The consultant indicates that the combination, for work, with shirts or T-shirts, in the case of companies with a more relaxed atmosphere.

The size limits of the spotted skirts are mainly due to convenience, since the miniskirt can disturb your actions and even cause embarrassment in some occurrences.

How to wear a spotted skirt in the cold

Contrary to what it may seem, the versatility of skirts can be used not only on hot days. The short models also look great with thick pantyhose, boots and long open jackets.

For women who feel colder in the legs and prefer not to risk leaving them exposed on days of low temperatures. The best way out is to complete the production with 40 or 80 thread stockings, which can be the same color as the skirt for lengthen the silhouette or color to give a more daring and fun look to the production. In this case, the important thing is to choose complementary colors so that the result is not exaggerated.

The pencil skirts combined with fishnets form a super sensual look, which finishes off with black or nude pumps. The option for miniskirts, on the other hand, is better if complete by over the knee boots, which also help to maintain the temperature.

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