The time is close to break out all your coats with fall coming fast (emphasis on QUICKLY, like, September is already here!!!). But if you need new styles urgently and want a primer on all the forms, we’ve rounded all of them up for you. Yeah, they seem the same sometimes but the length, the cut, the closures, and the material can all make a huge difference to how your body really looks.

The difference between coats and jackets is another confusing thing. I mean, we all use them very interchangeably without much thought, but coats are usually longer and reach your thighs or lower, while jackets usually stop at your waist. But then again, cropped coats and long jackets are there, so what’s the truth?!?! Anyway the various styles of coats and jackets you need to know about are usually below if you don’t already do so), so you’re going to be prepared for the cold weather ahead.

These are as the name implies, a longer type of overcoat and have a sleek, simplistic silhouette. This one is unquestionably trendy with its single button, knee-length, and plaid print.

Peacoats are normally double-breasted, and this one has a comfortable broad collar and front pockets (meaning they have two columns of buttons).

If you’re more inclined to over-sized silhouettes, this burgundy gorge calls your name.

You want to feel like you’ve always got a blanket around you? That’s where the coats of faux-fur come in because, wow, they’re cozy. You can get the super-soft fur feeling with them, but you still feel fine about wearing it out.

A staple of fall! For those days that are too cold for a hoodie but not quite cold enough for a full-on winter coat, everybody needs a leather or faux leather jacket. This bomber version’s dramatic collar and high-shine make it an A+ choice, if you ask me.

Like your stay-at-home robe, you know, but more trendy! If this is a longer silhouette with a belted waist, this style is most likely.

These have overlapping front flaps with symmetrical button columns on either side, so for a closer fit, these models wrap a little snuger around your body.

If there’s just one column of keys, then it’s single-breaste. It makes this cream-colored coat, along with the embellished collar, look minimal and elegant.

It is wind-proof and is secure from any elements by a hood. Not only is this fall-appropriate olive-green design pretty, but it has practical pockets and safe closures as well.

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