Design Fashionable and Versatile Sneakers

Versatile sneakers are a casual model that can be used on several occasions and have mastery of women’s fashion: before, shoes that were seen only in sports or basic productions, have been invading other layers and appearing in sophisticated and elegant compositions, consecrating modern and current looks.

How to choose a fashionable and versatile sneaker?

The options are diverse, in different colors, materials, details and cutouts: to choose your versatile sneakers, take into account the clothes you already have and think if the model you intend to buy will decorate with your pieces. But the task is not so difficult, after all, the main characteristic of the shoe is its versatility and the ability to adapt to any look with mastery.

If you still don’t have any sneakers, opt for more classic models, without many details, if you already have other copies, invest in the different ones, with colors and details not obvious.

How to wear versatile sneakers?

Perfect pair for everyday looks, great complement for informal work looks and prominence in fashionistas productions. Casual sneakers are ideal for mixing with more sophisticated pieces or just to keep the line of stripped looks. Check now several ideas on how to insert your shoes on 3 different occasions:

  • Day by day

The versatile looks and fashions are perfect for lunch with friends, going to the cinema with your boyfriend. And taking the day to solve problems, and thinking about it, we choose comfort and style as prerequisites.

For a relaxed and girlie look, invest in a light dress, with ruffles and straps to tie, of mini length. With feminine prints such as polka dot or floral. The versatile tennis models are basic and comfortable, there are options in colors such as white, black, blue and nude. Finish the look with sunglasses and a structured and utilitarian bag.

  • Job

If your work environment is more flexible as to the rules of dress and you are allowed to exchange the pumps for fashionable and versatile sneakers, this is the perfect time to make super stylish combinations that will leave everyone in the office inspired!

  • Fashionable

Any fashionable look rises when combined with versatile sneakers. It can be as much a breath for maximalist and loaded visuals as a continuation of minimalist but different looks. For a bold look, opt for a midi dress in animal print with leopard print, long and puffed sleeves, in fluid fabric and with a subtle V-neckline to enhance the silhouette.

Gold accessories such as medium hoop earrings, Renaissance medal and mix of rings continue the powerful composition.

Among so many footwear options available on the market, sneakers are a smart choice: year in and year out, the item maintains its permanence in the fashion scene and can please both those who don’t like trends and those who are up to date, with different news at every moment.

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