The amazing royal appearance of Princess Charlotte

floral print dress

Fans say that Princess Charlotte looks like a young lady, Kitty Spencer, and Princess Diana’s niece shares her childhood.

According to the Daily Mail, 27-year-old Lady Kitty shared her own sweet black-and-white photo on Instagram, titled “The First Day of School #tbt”.

The photo shows a young Katie, believed to be about four years old, wearing a plaid dress and black car shoes.

The Royal Observer quickly pointed out the similarities between her and Charlotte, and three of them said they even mistaken this photo for one of the young princesses.

One fan commented: “Princess Charlotte looks like you!” and another person added: “I think this is a moment for Princess Charlotte.”

Another article said: “The Princess Charlotte has the Spencer gene. You look very similar.”

At the same time, others wrote “How much does she look like Charlotte” and “The split image of Charlotte.”

In the photo of Kitty’s first day of school, Diana’s niece was cut off her hair – just like Charlotte was on the first day of school.

Under the filming of the Duchess of Cambridge, Charlotte also saw a similar style of Burgundy shoes, because the young princess went to school in Wilcox Kindergarten in January.

Katie is the eldest daughter of Diana’s brother Ersbinser and his first wife, Victoria Lockwood.

Since the death of Diana, she has been closely associated with Prince William and Prince Harry to attend their wedding.

After the comparison between the young royal family and Diana, the similarities between Katie and Charlotte were commented.

At the same time, other fans also commented on how much Charlotte looks like a queen in official portraiture.

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