I still grew up with the dream of becoming a ballerina, wearing a tutu skirt and dancing around the yard. Until the dream was crushed when four-year – old me decided she wanted to do something else. Since then, I’ve been trying to find out how to wear a tutu skirt like an adult without looking like any day of the year I’m pretending to be North West at Halloween.

If you’re a grown woman, you may think it’s a little ballsy to wear a tutu, but seriously guys, there’s no such thing as “too old to wear anything.” By adding a few solid accessories and playing around with your wardrobe, you can do everything from dressing up your tutu skirt to dressing it down to suit your style and comfort. And it’s a style that can be worn every time of year. I would have compared to wearing a tutu outfit to wearing a cloud of happiness. Too many cliché? There’s just something about slipping into a tutu skirt that makes me feel like I’m on another (stylish) planet.

For a sporty look. Definitely you can offer an athletic look to a tutu skirt with some sporty parts. Simple and understated, I kept this look: black leather hat, black shirt, white top, black tutu, and black Jordans. It is a simple, effortless ensemble. And who says you can’t put a tutu on sneaks?

For a corporate look. This look is for you, for all the professionals who think they can’t wear a tutu to the workplace. It’s great for function, date night, or even perform a keynote-speaking event in, with a rather minimalist feel. Much of the attention will still be on the skirt, but the boots, turtleneck, and bag play the whole professional feeling together.

For the casual chic. Again, there is clearly a flaw in every so-called rule that tells us we can not wear Converse with our tutus.

That look is all about being relaxed and casual. It has a bit of the ’80s flare, but that’s the decade that’s bound to begin trend after the revival of all 70s stuff, right? You can throw on such an outfit to head with the girls to the mall, or attend a short brunch date.

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