Guide to Buy Leather Clothing in Early Autumn

He had no idea he was about to invent one of the most ubiquitous fashion products to date when pattern maker Irving Schott wanted to begin selling raincoats door-to – door. Schott’s next breakthrough in 1928 resulted in what we now call a motorcycle jacket. after becoming the first to put a zipper on a jacket.

“The Perfecto” jacket, named after a cigar, was an instant success, selling nationally after Schott struck a deal with Harley Davidson. After Marlon Brando sported a Schott motorcycle jacket in the 1953 movie The Wild One, followed by icon James Dean and punk stars such as Joan Jett. It became a sign of the outlaw and the bad guy, a stereotype that during the 1950s contributed to the banning of the leather jacket in schools.

But today, all stereotypes, age groups, races and genres have been transcended by the leather jacket. It is now a staple wardrobe, worn by individuals from all walks of life.

This means there will still be a demand for leather jackets on the resale market.

ut it can be difficult to settle on the right time to ship your leather jacket given the range of designs, colors and brands. Our experts have been tapped to answer your burning questions about the delivery of your leather jacket.

There will always be a market for basic designs, according to our experts. “The classics still remain king,” says Billy Garcia, Fashion Valuation Head. Two examples that are still staples after several seasons are Balenciaga and Saint Laurent moto jackets. Another factor which influences the resale value of leather jackets is color. Black and neutral colors hold greater value at all times.

Classics, because of their versatility, can survive any trend-driven storm. Julio Cortez, Fashion Valuation Manager says. With a tailored shirt and dress trousers or casually with a slim-fit flannel and vintage jeans.”

Other considerations to consider include the brand name and form. Biker leather jackets à la Acne and Balenciaga are currently available at 50 percent of the initial retail price. Trends have shifted away from tailored, cropped models and into wider, oversized silhouettes, ” says Noelle Sciacca, Merchandising Manager.

There will always be a market for classics, even though trend-driven pieces such as embellished and embroidered jackets are in style, as they are now due to the influence of Gucci.

“In our brick and mortar locations, it is exciting to see consignors and shoppers gravitating towards classic look, says Cortez. The bottom line is that it is never going to be a bad time to wear a classic leather jacket.

While classics are still in style, trend-driven pieces have their moment at the moment. If you own leather jackets with embellished trims or floral embroidery, consider consigning these styles. It is still strong enough to net you a return closer to what you originally charged.

If you sit too long on a trend product, you may ultimately end up shipping the item for a return as low as 10% of your initial expenditure, he says. Hopefully you are informed well about the article.

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