5 types of necklaces for short hair

The necklace is one of the essential pieces of decoration accessory, and there are different types of necklaces available in the market. The necklace enhances the beauty of a woman and complements the whole look if chosen carefully. It is essential to understand what type of accessory works on your looks and clothes. For instance, some necklaces look good on women with short hair, and others go well with different looks. It’s all about blending the accessory with the facial features and your clothes to strike an ideal balance.

Different necklaces for short hair

The short hair has its unique charm, and it lends to a distinct appeal in women. So if you are looking for the different necklaces for your short hair, then here are some options you might want to consider.

1) The princess necklace: This necklace provides a regal look, and it is available in different variants such as light and heavy. This necklace is an ideal choice for different occasions, and the size of this necklace lies anywhere between 17 and 19 inches. You can easily team up this necklace with traditional dresses such as Saree, Kurti, or you can even combine this necklace with an indo-western gown for spicing up your look. This necklace suits well with the short hair since it accentuates your accessory and draws attention to it.

2) Choker necklace: Choker necklaces are incredibly popular amongst women, and they lend a special sexy appeal to the whole look. These choker necklaces go well with short hair by lending the necessary appeal to your neck and adding a unique charm to the whole look. The size of these choker necklaces ranges anywhere between 14 and 16 inches, and these necklaces blend well with casual as well as formal attires. These necklaces look good with a wide range of necklines, and you can wear this necklace with the silk blouse or even cocktail gown.

3) Matinee necklace: The matinee necklaces are popular amongst women with short hair and those who wish to wear a gown or a top.

The plunging neckline of this necklace means it sits right above the bust, and this necklace is embellished with the stones or beads. You can even go with the pendant if you have a wider neck portion or fuller bust.

4) Lariat necklace: The lariat necklace provides an elegant option if you have short hair and wearing a gown with a low neckline. This necklace adds a modern touch to the traditional design, and it helps in accentuating the décolletage with the dainty design. The ends of these necklaces are looped, knotted, or crossed in various ways to provide elegance and drama to the whole look.

5) Charm necklace: The charm necklaces go particularly well with short hair and these necklaces provide chunky bracelets with different pendants, beads as well as jewelry strands to provide a wholesome gorgeous look. This necklace is a definite attention grabber and is best suited with reliable and straightforward colored clothes.  

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