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Today’s article talks about one of the most popular accessories for women. 

I don’t know about you, but the summer makes me want to be daring with accessories. Whether they are necklaces, anklets, rings or earrings, in the summer I tend to wear more accessories, even more, extravagant ones. I like to mix them, combine them, and change them all the time! 

In short, I have so much fun choosing them together with the outfit. From the most precious, to the simple ones in gold, to the stall ones, I make no difference in wearing them. 

But I have to confess a secret: I have a weakness for rings. I would like to have 20 fingers to be able to wear many! And today I want to show you the rings that in my opinion are the girls’ favorites. 

In recent years we have witnessed a change in the fashion of rings, because if before they were worn only in a conventional way, or at most one or two rings in each hand, today we tend to wear even four in each hand, even we can even get to eight rings. , also wearing them on the phalanges. You can’t even venture to mix styles. 

Among the coolest rings, I like to show you my favorites. The choice was difficult, but I only selected four. 

The first is a modern, square-shaped Tiffany ring in rose gold. 

Tiffany as well as being a high jewelry brand, is also a status symbol. Owning a Tiffany jewel is a must for anyone who loves bijoux. A jewel-like this is an investment that can only acquire value over time. In particular, the ring that I show you in the photo has a clear-cut design that reflects a strong and confident personality, typical of today’s modern woman, a woman often in her career. 

I like to wear it, especially on the index finger.

Among my favorites, there is also the ring proposed by the Chiara Ferragni brand. A ring with an important appearance, but with an affordable price for everyone. It is a romantic but at the same time eccentric ring. A pink heart surrounded by glitter. Wearing it certainly does not risk going unnoticed!

Coming down drastically with prices, but still remaining in good taste, I love the sets of rings proposed by Gorjana. Colorful, jaunty, suitable for wearing calmly even on the beach, so as not to go unnoticed, have a fresh and modern look. Often the rings proposed by this brand are adjustable and therefore are suitable to be worn also on the phalanges.

And finally, the last proposal that I want to show you is a ring that has now become a must-have or the B.zero1 by Bulgari. The versions are many, wide bands composed of 3 or 5 bands. Many materials, we have gone from ceramics to every type of gold, and finally even to those studded with diamonds.

In short, rings are a habit that all women love to wear.  

For each hand, there will be a suitable ring. 

For every occasion, there will be a perfect ring. 

 Or maybe even more than one.  

On the other hand, we have many fingers … why wear only one ???

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