Wear a brave face! The extra TV presenter Renee Bargh had an annoying flu shortly before taking part in the People’s Choice Awards… but she looked uncomfortable because she was wearing a fancy flower skirt


She is often praised for her refined style and sensational figure.

Although she had already felt the flu before the much-anticipated People’s Choice Award on Sunday, Renee Bagh walked out of perfection.

The 32-year-old woman wears a figure-dressed flower dress that flaunts her thin limbs and feminine figure on elegant numbers.

At the moment before the incident, Renee found herself bedridden and infected with a serious case of influenza.

‘take all advice on how to fight this flu.. I have never been sick! Store the broth… beat me with all your potions! She wrote a video of her own on the bed and posted it on her Instagram story.

“This girl has to work today,” the host added, asking followers to get better tips before hitting the red carpet.

Later, Renee appeared to have received IV fluid therapy from I.V. A quick recovery file before completing hair and makeup.

She put herself at her best feet with a brave face on her face and recorded this fascinating event in her Instagram story.

Looks gorgeous, Renee and Victoria Beckham, comedian Jimmy Fallon and actor Luke Baines together constitute a storm.

Despite getting sick, Renee is wearing an embroidered dress and a pair of dark black pumps with a squat.

Keeping the accessories to a minimum, the blonde chose pearl earrings and a series of delicate silver rings.

She designed her linen lock with loose waves and chose to reveal her makeup, including bronze eyeshadow, clear eyebrows and a drop of coral lipstick.

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