4 Comfortable and Breathable Yoga Clothes

Good morning to all girls, today I go back to the blog to talk about a very important aspect of my life. That is, over the years I have realized that the well-being of the body reflects the well-being of the mind.

Body and mind are inextricably linked and when I neglect one of the two, the other immediately suffers. The mental well-being I feel immediately after taking care of my body is something inexplicable.

When I stop sport my mood changes suddenly and unfortunately in a negative way. So I came to the conclusion that you can’t feel good by treating just one of the two.

Eating healthy and playing sports is what certainly help us the most for the well-being of both. I personally love sport and when I practice it I need to wear a comfortable outfit, which does not make me feel uncomfortable, rather it makes me feel totally at ease and free.

Every movement I want to feel it to the fullest and I don’t want to feel embarrassed in any position.

For this reason, I carefully choose the outfits for physical activity and in particular for yoga because during this discipline the positions taken by our body are not usual.

I like breathable fabrics, which sit well on my body but at the same time don’t stress it. I like these dresses that I almost forget to wear. I like to dare with colors and brands. Below I show you some of the most comfortable ones I use during yoga.

The first is from the Oceans Apart brand.

I always prefer leggings, I like the high-waisted model that makes me feel protected and supported at the same time. I like to emphasize the legs. Of course, I always combine a bralette, naturally with a soft and well-coated fabric.  

Another set, always in the same genre, is from the Nike brand.

Also, in this case, a pair of leggings and a bralette but with a slightly different model than the previous one, with a wide V-neck. An essential feature is absolutely the fabric: it must be breathable and quick-drying.  

Moving on to something simpler, I loved this set proposed by H&M.

Very simple model, soft color, quick-drying technical fabric, V-neck bralette both front and back, and high-waisted leggings with pleasant support.  

And finally, another model is different from the others, with softer lines but at the same time comfortable and breathable.

I also like the white color very much for sportswear. Completely in cotton. As you can see, all the choices are mainly dictated by the choice of fabric, which is the most important aspect of all. It must be comfortable and breathable and then the choice of the fit, which I love both slim and more comfy and finally by the color, and the arrival of summer always makes me choose light or pastel colors.

And what do you think of this yoga clothing?  

Which would you choose?

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