As a figure slimming undergarment, shapewear is expected to hide well under the dress we wear. That way, we can wear any kind of dress and feel more confident with our natural curves. For this reason, apart from being created in many types according to the needs of women, shapewear also comes in various designs that you can choose based on the dress you are going to wear.

Seeing the many types of dresses that you have in your closet, it seems impossible that every dress has to have special shapewear underneath. Maybe your closet will be full. Wouldn’t it be better to buy shapewear that you can wear under different types of dresses, ladies?

If you are confused and don’t have an idea about what shapewear you should pick, here are some shapewear inspirations that have unique and versatile designs that are worth a try. Believe me, with its practical design, you can hide it perfectly under any type of dress to sculpt a beautiful and attractive body shape!

1. Low-Back Hourglass Body Shaper

The first inspiration came from a tummy control bodysuit that has an open-back design. This product will certainly be the best solution for those of you who like to wear backless dresses, especially in the summer.

Despite the low-back design, this bodysuit is still comfortable to wear because it features adjustable straps. You also don’t need to doubt its ability to shape your hourglass body because this product has Double control panel compression to flatten your stomach and slim your waist. This bodysuit will hide well behind various types of clothing, including backless ones.

2. The U-Plunge Thong Bodysuit

How are you going to resist this gorgeously designed bodysuit? The U-Plunge Thong Bodysuit is a body shaper undergarment that you absolutely must have!

This bodysuit is designed in such a way that it can fit all types of dresses, from low-cut, strapless, backless, and even tight bodycon dresses. Even though it doesn’t cover your entire stomach and back area, this bodysuit still has a great ability to support and lift your breasts while creating a sexy and smooth waistline.

This product is equipped with clear shoulder straps that can be adjusted according to your needs. The bottom has an open crotch feature and is designed as a thing that will not leave undergarment lines on your dress. This bodysuit also offers many sizes so it is suitable for those of you who are looking for plus size shapewear.

3. Backless Thong Shapewear

This is one of the best shapewear that would be perfect to wear under formal dresses and bridal wear as the material is lightweight and provides a seamless and thong design. This product focuses not only on flattening your stomach and sculpting your hourglass waist but also on shaping and lifting your breasts.

This bodysuit not only offers an elegant and versatile design but also features attractive shoulder straps that you can change the style of, from traditional to halter and crisscross styles. Of course, you can also wear it as a fashionable and comfortable top. Just try to pair it with your jeans. Slay!

4. Low-Back Compression Shapewear

If you want the best shapewear for tummy and waist that is able to work effectively and has a luxurious design, then this is the best choice. This bodysuit has a flex boning feature that can make it stay in place while creating a beautiful silhouette on your body. Seamlessly designed with a low back cut and mesh fabric material, this shapewear is comfortable to wear and fits all dresses.

5. Plunge Collar Full Body Shaper

AirSlim® Backless Underwear Bodysuit
AirSlim® Backless Underwear Bodysuit

Last but not least, you can choose this full-body shaper if you want thorough sculpting of your stomach, waist, hips, buttocks, and thighs at the same time. The padded top on this shapewear allows you to wear it without a bra, very practical. This neck cut with a plunge design is perfect for pairing with a variety of low-neck and backless dresses and outfits. Let people admire your natural curves without knowing this shapewear is hugging you!

Well, now you can wear shapewear for any type of dress you like. So, which shapewear is your favorite?

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