Plaid skirt outfits are one of the season’s biggest trends. What is so special about this trend? Plaid skirt is a classic staple which is ideal for making a real statement. Try it on with the simplest tee and it will totally refresh your appearance. The grunge spirit makes this piece look original and edgy. It brings not only ‘90s vibes, plaid skirts were popular back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, too. There’s a variety of ways how to style it and occasions to wear it. Not sure how to pull this trend? Here are some styling tips and outfit ideas.

Plaid skirts are having a moment right now. This trend emerged on Instagram and now we can see it and find it everywhere, at retailers both high and low. Plaid skirt is a unique and very practical item. It gives an original twist to the overall look. During the summer we opt for thinner fabrics and bright and pastel color combinations and for winter outfits we look for thick fabrics, dark shades and monochrome plaid patterns. There are many options how to wear a plaid skirt in winter.

The easiest and safest way is to wear it with a black top. Whether it’s a turtle neck, sweater, button up shirt or blouse, there’s no mistake with a black top. Put on a pair of patent boots and add a cool bag and you’re ready to go. Plaid skirt looks great paired with gray or white top as well. Instead of going with something simple on top you can try a graphic tee or a sweatshirt. This is unexpected and eye-catching option.

Give your combat boots a preppy feel by pairing them with a plaid miniskirt. Wear your plaid skirt with a leather jacket or teddy coat. There are great ideas that feature checkered skirt with fantastic pumps, sweatshirts, blazers and cool jackets. If you still want to keep it simple you can always update your favorite pleated staple with chunky accessories and jewelry.

As you can see there are almost endless possibilities for styling this bottom piece. Take a look at these outfits that we picked, they will surely inspire you to make an unforgettable outfit with your plaid skirt.

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