Laura Prepon is wearing a floral dress, wearing a fancy red carpet and wearing a pinstripe suit from New York Ben Foster to award the Gotham Awards in New York.

floral printed dress

The unofficial award season began on Monday at the 28th Gotham Independent Film Awards ceremony in New York City.

Among those who recognize the best independent film, Ben Foster, the best actor nominee, and his wife, Laura Prepon, are both 38 years old.

The newlyweds huddled on the handheld computer when they hit the red carpet before the ceremony.

The alum of the 70s show looks elegant, but it is not exaggerated, wearing a black flower dress with a low collar.

It also has a fabric around the waist that serves as a waist belt to show off her figure.

She will wear brown high heels overall, wearing long crows and wearing the middle part.

Foster is striding forward in the fashion sector, using a dark blue pinstripe two-piece suit with a white shirt and brown leather boots.

Foster was nominated for the best actor for his role in the TV show “No Tracking.”

The story takes place after a veteran (Foster) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and he lives in Oregon’s forest with his 13-year-old daughter, Thomasin McKenzie. They are almost completely isolated until they are arrested, which triggers a struggle whether they live in society or return to the forest.

McKenzie also became a breakthrough actor because of her performance.

In the evening, it was revealed that Ethan Hawke won the Best Actor Award for his role in First Reformed, and Elsie Fisher was recognized by the breakthrough actor.

For the first time, Foster achieved mainstream success in the highly acclaimed HBO drama “Six Feet” (2003-2005). His long film works include: The Punisher (2004), Yuma (2007) 3:10, Night of Thirty (2007), The Messenger (2009), Lone Survivor (2013) and The Program (2015).

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