Jameela Jamil looks weird in the fashion floral midi dress at The Good Place, New York City

She chose an unconventional look on Monday to shake cactus print pajamas and teddy bear slippers in public.

However, Jameela Jamil, who performed at The Good Place in NBC, returned to her usual style in an interview with the New York BUILD series on Tuesday.

The 32-year-old actress disappointed her fashionista in Coco Fennell’s gorgeous floral dress, featuring red and white polka dots.

This exquisite outfit also has a matching dot feature around Jameela’s waist area that promotes the star’s slim figure.

This dress has a bold, understated cut and ends with a stylish mid-length.

She wears fashionable white sneakers and a set of quirky strawberry-shaped pendant earrings with fashionable clothing.

Jameela’s fringed crow’s bun has a relaxed wave design and looks like every inch is beautiful because she wears a natural make-up and a red lip.

The Englishman is currently promoting the third season of The Good Place, which premiered on September 27.

The comedy series starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson tells four people who were sent to ‘The Bad Place’ to disguise themselves as ‘The Good Place’.

“This is the greatest comedy about morality on earth,” she told PEOPLE TV. “In the current frustrating news atmosphere, it seems that people are coming together.”

Jameela plays a wealthy British socialite Tahani, who unexpectedly landed at The Bad Place.

At the same time, Jameela used the media opportunity to talk about her We Weigh social media campaign.

“This is a revolution against shame. She explains that this is a page that allows women to weigh in terms of achievement, values, family, work and education.

“Finally, we don’t reduce women to a figure on a scale. It’s time for us to see ourselves as half the world and see ourselves as round, multifaceted individuals.”

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