All You Need to Know About the Asymmetrical Skirt

The asymmetrical skirt is by far one of those pieces that are adored by bloggers and designers for a few seasons now. This year the design of this item became more daring. 

You do not own an asymmetrical skirt yet, you should add it to your wardrobe because it will be on trend for a while and it’s a good investment. And to help you make your choice easier, today’s article will showcase some of the most popular models of asymmetrical skirts. These three types of asymmetrical skirts will make your outfit stand out from the crowd!

1. The checked asymmetrical skirt

This skirt was very popular in the 70s. It’s a very short skirt where the asymmetry is usually in front where a part of the skirt is longer, while the checked print makes you think of the Scottish quilts. You have to wear it with simple blouses and pullovers, preferably in one of the colours that can be found on the skirt’s print. As for the shoes, you can pick high heels or oxford shoes. You can usually find this skirt in the classic check print of red and green, but you can also find trendier prints that include colours such as purple, yellow and pink.

2. The leather asymmetrical skirt

Another popular version that can be found both in short and medium lengths and is one of the most versatile pieces out there. The midi version is pretty elegant and you can wear it at the office with a white shirt or a sweater and always with high heeled pumps. The short version you can wear when you go out in the town or for less formal gatherings. The leather asymmetrical skirt can be worn with almost anything except a leather jacket. Also, this year the designers were a bit more creative and you can find this skirt in colours such as dusty pink, yellow and blue.

 3. The long asymmetrical skirt

There are also long asymmetrical skirts out there more appropriate for the spring-summer season. These ones are usually longer in the back and shorter in the front and are made out of light fabrics, that are perfect for warm days. You should wear them with tops made out of similar fabrics and high heeled sandals. For chilly days you can always add a leather jacket or a denim jacket. When it comes to colour and prints there is a wide variety among these skirts, so any combination is possible! 

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