The holiday wear of Emilia Wickstead will make you want it to be summer.

floral printed dress

The relaxed elegance of the Emilia Wickstead holiday collection meets all our holiday wishes.
In the world of Emilia Wickstead, these women are elegant and secular, and may work on her woollen crepe sheath, pink, saffron or cream; this toffee-colored horn Sleeve silk blouse for evening cocktails, garden party with floral print dress, and a cramped waist and an updated vertical neckline with an alternate shade. What women will wear on vacation? Well, since you ask… New Zealand-born London designers are like this.

“I used this line: ‘ Once upon a time, in a place in the sun’ as a moving inscription in the collection. This is a seaside way,” Wickstead talked about her in her London office phone. Summer Premium Collection, which is on display at Australian Fashion Week and can be purchased online on May 17.

“When we decided to partner with Emilia Wickstead to launch our second exclusive capsule collection, she had not designed a high-end summer collection before, and we all hope it will reflect her unique feminine and retro The aesthetics of the style, and the beautiful signature flowers we loved from the very beginning,” said Natalie Kingham, Fashion and Purchasing Director of Matchesfashion. ”

The simplicity of the collection stems from its prints and shapes, shorts, wrinkled jumpsuits and short dresses that can be worn on swimwear. “We want to take you to another world, another world. Many styles start from the past, but in a very modern way,” says Wickstead, referring to the floral print of the interior design. It is the distortion of the patterns seen in the decoration and furniture of the 1950s. “I am very special; I don’t like things that are too traditional. I like it whimsical, and I am often inspired by interior printing, not for clothing.”

floral printed dress

In addition to the obvious colors and prints, the quality of Emilia Wickstead comes from the contours. “And,” she said, “I would say, in the building, the way we put the clothes together. After the renovation, we always think about how to make this feeling more fresh, fashion avant-garde, very easy.” This is A mantra that is more important to this series. “In our design, we can feel very dressed and formal, so at x Emilia Wickstead, it wants to create a feeling of vacation and relaxation.” She added: “I want to create something for the holidays. That is not Kaftan.”

She reminds us that Wickstead is her own customer because her design is consistent with her personal style. “I tried everything!” she said cheerfully. “Actually, designing this collection is really refreshing because I am a 34-year-old woman who likes to go on vacation, or at least tried it.”

Her favorite escape? After spending some time in Milan, she moved with her family at the age of 14. She nominated Italy for her favorite place because of its food and climate. “I like beautiful water and rocky beaches, they are very charming… cobblestone streets, old buildings with shutters,” she said.

Her birthplace in New Zealand is also a frequent visitor. “Exactly the opposite: this is where you go for a walk on the big beach and eat fish and chips outside. I thank my lucky star from New Zealand, this is the most important part of my life, who am I.”

From New Zealand to the Tasman Sea on the Australian coast – literally, the collection is displayed on the coast – in the heart of Wickstead it is entirely for the resort. “Like New Zealand, Australia is very easy to wear. People from New Zealand come to Sydney with me, very close to home, close to the most beautiful beaches in the world.”

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