Collection of Long Curly Hair Styles

The curly hair is mostly associated with curly bobs and pixies. What you don’t know is that your hair can be flipped and twisted or tousled and tossed for adding emphasis. You don’t have to maintain the boring single curl pattern. Your curly hair deserves to flourish, and there are several ways to design them. Below are long, curly hairstyles to help you become a 24/7 full-fledged kinky girl.

Pineapple hairstyle 

The easiest way to secure your hair is to give it a pineapple hairstyle while you sleep. The style provides a stunning pile of curls on top of your head that emulates a pineapple shape. Even the hairstyle avoids fantasy and unnecessarily prohibits you from touching your hair.

Braided ponytail

Curly hair, when braided into a ponytail, will give you some inspiration for the hair. Have the most elegant hairstyle by wrapping a braid around the hair tie. Do a thin twist from the side around the hairband so it may be invisible. This gives you an enchanting look to your personality.

Half-up ponytail

The style with a smooth back crown and the high ponytail is a modern take on curled styling, for adding a thick fringe to your messy hair ponytail. Grab a hair strand below, and loop it around the elastic band. You can go a long way with a bit of imagination, and the possibilities are endless.

High bun hairstyle

Buns are cute and chic. They are the best styles to manage long curly hair as they save your curls from dryness and frizziness. You can do a sleek low twisted bun and decorate it with some elegant hair accessories.

Curly bangs hairstyle

When you’re looking for a trendy new look, the way to go is by bang hairstyles. This gives you the intensity and movement. Use hair spray to make the hair smoother and allure it to create a messy romantic appearance.

Curly hair is distinct from the texture of other hairs. Compared to straight hair, it needs more hydration, less washing, and more patience. Choose the right curly hair products, and the curls will be easy to style with. Use a styling cream to keep the curls in place without creating any crunch.

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