5 Breathable Cropped Tank Top For Exercising

Have you ever thought that even your gym outfit has to be fashionable besides being practical? When exercising and going to the gym is very important to wear proper clothes. You can’t go dressed in jeans or in clothes that don’t allow you to move freely. You need to wear garments designed specially for exercising! This way you will be able to move freely, to do your training without any accidents.

Why to wear a crop tank top when exercising

Besides getting a pair of really cool fitness leggings, you will also need a cropped tank top for your fitness outfit. Crop tops are ideal to use when exercising because they let your skin breathe, are very elastic and you can move easily and they will offer a very good support to your breasts.

Besides being very practical a crop tank top is also very fashionable and flattering to your body. Paired with a matching pair of high-waisted leggings it will look super cool. If you like what you wear at the gym you will be much more confident and you will do your exercises with more enthusiasm.

If you don’t know what to choose for your exercising, here are 5 cropped tank tops you might like.

1. The layered black cropped tank top

A black crop top it’s a great choice because you can mix it with all your fitness clothes. And this crop top has a breathable mesh underlay combined with the top which is made out of a moisture-wicking fabric that will keep you dry and comfortable.

2. The metallic crop top

If you like interesting and super trendy clothes, this metallic blue crop top will be a perfect fit for you! It is made out of a stretchable fabric that will flex and move with your body. You will be able to do any type of exercising freely while being fashionable at the gym!

3. The crisscross cropped tank top

This light blue crisscross crop top is ideal for your spring fitness collection. It has a very feminine colour and design, which will make you look very girly. It is also a great choice if you don’t want a crop top that is very revealing.

4. The crop top with graphic print

Some of the coolest fitness clothes are the ones with various prints which makes them very unique. Just like this cropped tank top that has a lovey leaf print in shades of green and black. It will look amazing with a pair of black leggings or shorts.

5. The cropped tank top with mesh

If you want a cropped tank top that will eat your skin breathe, you should go for one that has a mesh just like this black grey top. The mesh is just under the neck which is great, because that is the area where you sweat the most and the mesh will help you to reduce the sweat.  

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