5 Ways to Wear Cute Button Skirt

Do you want a girly and cute skirt for spring and summer season? If you do, then the button skirt is the best choice you can make. Inspired by the late 1960s and 1970s fashion, the skirt with front buttons has made a big comeback and is back in trend.

Wearing a button skirt will give your outfit a nice retro vibe. Usually the button up skirts come in the form of denim and suede mini skirts, but the designers have reinvented them and now you can find them in many other colours and lengths. For example, if you don’t like to wear short skirts, you can go for a midi button skirt.

The button up skirt is very easy to style and there are many ways to wear it! Here are 5 ways on how to wear the button skirt.

1. White top or T-shirt and a denim mini button skirt

Nothing is more classic than the denim short button skirt. And a cute and timeless combination is to wear this mini skirt with a white top or a T-shirt. Is a clean look, perfect for the spring summer season! You can wear this outfit with a pair of white sneakers or red sandals!

2. Turtleneck sweater and suede button skirt

For colder spring days nothing works better than a black or white turtle neck sweater made out of thin cotton combined with a short suede button up skirt. It’s a very 70s look! If you want for the retro vibe to be even more powerful add a pair of boots!

3. Stripped top and a navy or black button skirt

If you want to have a French inspired look go for a combination between a stripped top and a short button skirt. It’s best to choose your skirt in navy and for the top to have horizontal lines in black in white. Add a red beret, a red lipstick and a silk scarf around your neck and you will have that specific Parisian vibe!

4. Pink ruffled sweater and a leather button skirt

For a chic and edgy outfit perfect for all those early spring days when it’s still a little bit cold outside, combine a black leather skirt with a sweet pink sweater with ruffles. You will have a feminine look with an edge!

5. Crop top and a short button skirt

The best thing about the button skirt is its high waist which makes it perfect for all those cute cropped tops. And nothing will be more suitable for the spring-summer season than an outfit composed of a crop top and an A-line button upskirt. You will feel comfortable and ready to face the high temperatures in a lovely and feminine outfit!

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