Which Materials Will Dominate Clothing Design in 2024?

Fashion changes a lot and with that the materials too, that is, we will have several possibilities throughout the year to see the one that best suits our lifestyle, as well as materials that go far beyond the simple ones, as environmental issues are being quite addressed and worked on.

So, with this in mind, the proposals for materials for clothing that will dominate the year 2024 will be based on these thoughts on how the world is evolving and creating links with the natural world. 

The Sustainable Fabrics and The Recycled material

The environment has been a big factor in the types of materials that have shaped new issues, thus the preference for these materials has increasingly increased, in addition to bringing new sustainable clothing options.

Organic cotton has been one of the most Grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Which contributes both to those who use it and also to the environment, which reduces pollution. So it is one of the fabrics that has been growing the most and is a bet for 2024.

The Tencel (Lyocell) was made from sustainably sourced wood pulp. He is known for his softness and breathability, in addition to creating pieces that can make looks even more beautiful. So, because it has such a large variation, it is an excellent bet.

The hemp and the bamboo are a durable and eco-friendly material that requires fewer resources compared to traditional crops like cotton. In addition, bamboo has accelerated growth, meaning you end up having an essential piece that doesn’t require much time to manufacture.

Now the recycled materials that are on the rise and are trends for 2024 are polyester and nylon. Both are widely used for making different types of pieces and as they come from other products that have already been used, they are a great choice for those who want something practical with a lot of options that will also help.

New Materials and also biotechnology

As well as environmentally friendly materials, we also have those that are new on the market and that will certainly be a great choice for you who want something innovative for 2024.

Biotechnology has made great advances both in the creation of materials and also for those people who seek help in medicine. So Lab-Grown fabrics are materials that even have similarities with spider webs, that is, you have something more alternative and special.

You can also bet on another innovation, which is plant-based fabrics that are very similar to leather. One of the most attractive is leather made from cactus and apples.

I know that for many, this material can be very innovative and different, but they are wonderful options that can make very malleable materials with characteristics very similar to the others.

You also have a third option which is made from mushrooms and with that, the fabric is quite different and is one of the trends for 2024. 

The return of old fabrics

Another type of material that has been widely used is new garments made from fabrics that have already been used previously. In other words, that piece that no longer fits has a new model and these are the upcycled textiles.

In addition to vintage clothes and second-hand materials, they end up returning to the market and thus bringing new versions of old clothes and thus being used for longer.

You will also have the issue that some designers are exploring fibers produced through regenerative agricultural practices that aim to improve soil health and ecosystem vitality. In other words, in addition to serving us, they also become fabrics that help reuse materials.

It’s important to note that the fashion industry is increasingly focusing on sustainability and ethical practices, leading to ongoing research and development of innovative materials. Fashion designers and brands are exploring a combination of these materials to create environmentally friendly and ethically produced clothing.

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