The Most Popular Women’s Swimwear Trends of 2024

The summer of 2024 arrives full of color and a lot of femininity. As a result, women want to take advantage of the main fashion trends to enjoy the sun, sea, and pool in total style.

But beyond that, it’s important that you choose options that fit your personal style so that you always feel self-confident and powerful. The first important step to making assertive choices regarding beachwear is to select quality clothes that, above all, respect your body shape and make you comfortable.

How do I find out which beachwear style is ideal for me?

If you have defined your personal style, this mission is very easy to solve. This is because you already know which fashion path suits you best. Other than that, it is important to understand what features the piece will offer you so that your body shape is even more valued.

For example, women whose lower bodies are wider than their shoulders can invest in darker colors and details such as beading with elastic to appear more symmetrical. In this sense, draw attention to the upper part through deep necklines, floral prints, animal prints, and even geometric prints that will add personality to your beachwear.

So, don’t forget that you are the one who knows your own body best and can decide which areas you want to disguise or highlight. If you are a woman who has extra fat in the belly area, you can wear a high-waisted bikini to create elegance and even a retro touch. Another interesting option is the backless swimsuit. It will neutralize the front and create an attractive highlight for the back region. By opting for a thong-shaped model, you enhance your butt and backline.

Should I invest in straight pieces or neutral colors?

It depends on your objective regarding your image. More neutral colors, you can leave for your collection of basics and everyday essentials. Summer symbolizes contagious energy, for many, it is the time to enjoy that well-deserved vacation.

So, invest in dark colors if you want to disguise larger shapes. But always give preference to vibrant colors. So, choose pieces in orange, pink, green, and even a fluorescent yellow to fuel a more energetic look. If you are a woman who is not used to such a varied color palette, try to balance it by using one of the pieces in color and the other in white, for example. The string bikini, very famous in the nineties, is back with a bang and can be an elegant option for a classic feminine style.

As for the cut, avoid the rectum. Unless you have small breasts and want to join the bandeau top trend that is being widely used by many celebrities. Other than that, choose asymmetrical cuts, or unique pieces with side, textured and ribbed cuts. You can completely transform the appearance of a simpler look and know how to choose fabric textures well.

Red is classic and sexy, it can be an interesting color if you’re looking for a middle ground. This way, you won’t use very neutral colors and you won’t need to give in to vibrant colors if they don’t make you feel so comfortable. The straps on the top are interesting because you can wear the same piece in different ways.

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