The Evolution of Denim: From Workwear to Fashion Staple

Anyone who sees how jeans are inserted in various fashion trends, does not imagine that they emerged as a type of clothing used as a uniform for workers in American factories.

Since then, he has grown in various sectors of the fashion world. It adapts very well to street style, but can be adapted to many different styles beyond just casual compositions. Learn how to use this trend to your advantage.

1- Parties and ballads

Mon pants are darling for this occasion. It delivers presence and combines easily with many types of sandals. You can combine it with a cropped or fairer blouse.

Thinking of a composition for the day-to-day, it also looks good with a t-shirt and sneakers. It can even be worn with tied button-up blouses or, in effect, layered.

2- Oversized jacket

The cool style doesn’t have to be present only in the pants. It is possible to use the comfortable trend also through jackets. She is the darling of Generation Z that combines straight pants of the same fabric.

A white comfy sneaker promotes a very clean and pleasant appearance. You can use fanny packs or a crossbody bag with a sports brand logo to blend in with urban trends.

If you want to skip the pants, the denim jacket also looks great with short dresses that are looser on top for a very youthful look.

3- Jeans skirt

The denim skirt can be worn in many ways. Anyone who thinks that the skirt is aimed more at young people is wrong. It can be used by women of all ages, including in the workplace.

To create an outing look, invest in a short denim skirt with front buttons. They go well with a T-shirt and even a knitted coat for colder days. In that case, you can protect yourself from low temperatures by adding a pantyhose.

Include the denim skirt in your business look. This time prefers the midi version. It can be matched with a turtleneck T-shirt, blazer, suit and etc. In addition, you can use different types of shoes: high heels, boots and dress shoes.

4- Jeans dress

The denim dress comes in many forms. Strapless, with thick straps and a square neckline, long sleeves… anyway! You will choose the piece that best fits your body shape.

It’s perfect for a family lunch, a shopping trip, or even a kid’s birthday party.

You can wear a denim dress with overlays like the jacket. But you can also wear a strapless tube dress with a long-sleeved blouse underneath. This layering effect is visually very interesting and can create different textures.

As a unique piece, it goes very well with accessories that will enhance the effect of your look. A neck scarf in a blue tone is modern. If you prefer, use gold jewelry to create an elegant look.

You can use a slip-on or moccasin. Include other types of accessories if you wear the dress during the day. A straw hat to create a country girl look or even a cap for a more city girl effect.

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