Khushi Kapoor wears a day dress at night, you can also

floral printed dress

I was wondering how we provided wardrobes for every season and every occasion. In the summer we wear white shirts, casual outings to wear jeans or party LBD. But in terms of fashion, many times the rules have to be broken. Khushi Kapoor did just that, we love her completely.

She chose to wear a cute summer dress for a night. Nowadays we usually wear this kind of clothes for brunch or go out one day. Don’t expect it to be worn at night, so when we saw Khush wearing it, we were pleasantly surprised. Moreover, her style is also very casual. She chose the floral dress of designer brand Chanel to accompany her. The tan suspenders and the brand’s black canvas shoes add a high-end fashion value to the look. Even a stack of Cartier bracelets and a gold necklace with her name as a pendant are the correct details of this type of dress.

We like how this clothing is super casual and so relevant. We have a lot of summer dresses that can be easily converted into a casual evening. What do you think of this? Please let us know in the comments below.

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