There are more and more women in today’s society who are managers and executives. To suit their positions in corporations, they also wear suits to appear more professional and dominant. You might often be concerned that your look is too bland and you dress too much like a man if you are one of those people who have to wear suits to work. Don’t be afraid. You can always look professional, elegant, feminine and beautiful at the same time if you dress in the right way. I am going to share with you some tips and ideas on how to wear a suit like a lady in this blog post.

Wear fits that your curve can still reveal

Size and cutting when it comes to women ‘s suits make a world of difference. Choose the size and cut that suits just right, don’t go oversized, or cut too straight. If you feel your legs too thick, you really help make the overall look more feminine and elegant with a slim cut or skinny jeans.

Wear suits with skirts

Wearing a skirt suit is a great idea, depending on your situation, if you don’t have to look too powerful. A slightly shiny design like the picture above makes you look even more sharp. But for executives, in my view, skirts don’t give you almost the strong look that a trouser suit can give you.

Wear a suit with high heels

Suits and pants can make you look fairly unisex. It is very important to wear your suit with a pair of high heels, because the high heels soften the rugged, manly look. High heels even make your legs look longer and look more curvy in your waistline. Often, the extra few inches of height makes you look better than other workers.

In the Blouse Some Feminine Components

The suit itself may be cold and manly, but that doesn’t have to be the way the blouse is. You can get a blouse that, like the one in the above photo, has some feminine elements. This will make a great deal of difference. In fact, with the same suit, you can get totally different expressions from different blouses or tops. Play some mix and match and explore your wardrobe.

Skin Long, Slightly Curvy

Long and slightly curvy hair will give you the feminine touch you will need to match the strong suit your wear for hairstyle. Only giving a slight side part to your hair will make you look elegant and beautiful. You should try the twisted ponytail like the image above to get a more refreshing look.

With Your Suit, wear a thin belt

Although you don’t actually have to wear a belt, it helps highlight your waistline and expose your curves by wearing a belt. A dense one would have been way too manly. A thin and light belt of color will make you look clever and elegant.

Wear Feminine Details accessories with

And if they wear some very formal suits, why do some ladies always look very ladylike? There’s the devil in detail. You can see how much the necklace and bracelet improve the overall look in the above photo. It’s a perfect idea for your dress that makes you look stunning and subtle.

Nail Polish that is Pale Pink

Typically, having your nails done makes you look more ladylike. It’s the best and safest idea to have simple pale pink nail polish for a formal business look. Red is also okay, in my view, but some may regard red as too bright and not formal enough. So, the color to use if you want to play safe is pale pink. It will make you look more charming and more competent.

You shouldn’t wear the ties

Not telling women that they can’t look good wearing ties. It does look elegant and smart, indeed. But since this blog post ‘s subject is to look like a lady wearing a suit, wearing ties will just make you look too manly. Try something close to the photo above if you really, really want to try wearing a tie and you still want to look feminine.

Hang around with different colors

To soften your appearance, try lighter colors. To make your work fashion less dull, you might even want to try distinct colors such as the blue one above. They often wear suits or tops with very bright colors, such as red or green, for some imaginative people. I just don’t suggest this because it defeats the purpose of wearing a suit to look professional. That may work in a really creative industry, or if you’re the boss, but it just doesn’t work well in most cases.

Wearing Suit to Serve as a Junior or Young Worker

There are occasions for those of you who are a young employee that you need to wear a suit, such as if you work in a large company or if you need to attend a major and formal meeting. You don’t want to look more powerful than the way your boss looks. Be careful. You can be really secure by wearing a simple suit like the above that goes with a skirt. It’s best not to provide too much knowledge and it’s best not to be brilliant. You just make sure you can look smart and young when the size and cutting is perfect. This idea for the outfit may be a little bland, but it’s safe to wear and still makes you look clever and nice.

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