Best Answer to Where to Buy Shapewear for Women

|There are a bunch of shapewear brands in the market, like Skims, shaped mint, Spanx, Durafits, Yummie, and so on. Today I would like to introduce you to one of the most popular brands of shapewear- Shapellx.  The 2 main catalogs are plus size shapewear and shapewear for waist and stomach fat.

One of the best plus size shapewear is :

CoreSculpt Bonded Waist & Peach Pop Bodysuit

Some of the results are :

  • A smooth fit for all dresses
  • 3 layers that smoother the stomach fat and yet make it look in shape
  • It doesn’t roll down and is held in place by silicone straps and it doesn’t leave skin prints
  • Plush elastic lifts the butt muscles
  • It slims down the fat elegantly and also lifts the back fat. It looks like exercising is done.
  • It has a zippered crotch for easy washroom breaks.

The other popular among the plus size shapewear is :

NeoSweat 3-In-1 Waist and Thigh Trimmer Butt Lifter

One of the best shapewear for tummy and waist  is :

CoreSculpt Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper with Butt Lifter

Some of the results are :

  • Creates a smooth look
  • Doesn’t roll down on the thigh or waist due to silicone imprints
  • Two side plastic to stop curling down
  • Three layers to help compress stomach fat.
  • Sculpts the back muscles, stomach and thighs for a defined look.

Some of the other best shapewear for stomach and waist fat are :

CoreSculpt Hourglass Full Body Shaper

Shapellx wore and the effect shapewear before and after is quite effective as follows :

  • Results are evident in the first time
  • Corrects the body sculpture and shape
  • Work out is proper as muscles are lifted properly
  • The thermogenic feature helps to sweat more and weight loss is fast.


Shapewear is the fabric that is highly popular amongst women today. The reason is quite hides the excess body fat on your body and gives the wearer the famous slim look. This makes girls confident and can wear the dresses they want anytime. Girls have to just invest in the right shapewear and they can wear anything they want and look fabulous in it.

But as shapewear became popular it diversified into different designs and sizes. It diversified into different purposes. There is shapewear for waist fat, stomach fat, thigh fat etc. There are different sizes and fabrics like neoprene, latex fabric etc. There are some which are costly but not so comfortable. So many brands have been making catalogues differentiating as per the function.

But shapellx has been quite topnotch on its functional and designer shapewear that helps lose fat faster.

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