Baby on the boat! Pregnant Carrie Bickmore shows off her bulging in a beautiful floral dress while enjoying her good time with her daughter Evie.


She will give birth to a third child in the next few weeks.

On Friday, 37-year-old project host Carrie Bickmore looked very enthusiastic while spending time with her three-year-old daughter, Evie.

The mother of two children wore a red floral dress, highlighting her flowering baby baboon as she sunbathed near her home in Melbourne.

As the couple walked on the tree-lined suburban street, Carrie saw a protective arm around her daughter.

Despite the serious pregnancy, the 10 channel star looks happy and shows no signs of discomfort.

To go out, she paired her beautiful dress with oversized sunglasses, a wedge and a black tote.

At the same time, Carrie’s daughter Evie looks cute, wearing a pink tutu and white sneakers.

After Carrie completed the project on Thursday, a witness incident occurred.

In an Instagram post commemorating her maternity leave, she pays tribute to her team members Waleed Aly, Peter Helliar and Rachel Corbett.

“I was on the table last night. Maternity leave is a very strange period,” she began. “I always feel very sad when I leave work.

“I like and work with the family, I really like to spend time, but on the other hand, I am very excited, (a little scared!) Going to another little guy and spending precious time with my beautiful family.”

“I am looking forward to freeing my head from the news cycle and turning it into a stinky diaper. She concluded that I will see you again next year.

At the end of the show, Carrie’s co-host presented her with a parting gift – Peter, Rachel and Walid’s photo frames were all dressed up as babies.

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