Activewear Trend Is Hot – Cosmolle Pieces We Love All Summer

Activewear Trend Is Hot – Cosmolle Pieces We Love All Summer

After a couple of years of spending time at home because of the pandemic, the line between going out with clothes and activewear is becoming blurrier than ever. The workout clothes for HITT now can work equally well for grocery runs or grabbing lunch with friends. Activewear fashion is getting a little more formal now with more luxe fabrics and structured pieces that can take people from a Pilate class in the morning to an informal afternoon meeting.

In 2023, activewear trends are no longer designed just for a sweaty workout class. The activewear sets can effortlessly translate to every aspect of your life.  Many women are gravitating toward workout clothes that can be worn during and after their exercise. More and more people are seeking versatile and functional clothing but at the same time still want a wardrobe that feels different, trendy, and modern. One popular option is colorful activewear.

The tried and true workout look has always been black leggings and sports bra or a T-shirt but you know, it can get really boring. If you are tired of looking at the same outfit in the mirror, it is time to give your workout wardrobe a refresh with something bright, bold, and functional for your sweat session.

Colorful Activewear From Cosmolle

Check out this trendy and colorful activewear from Cosmolle below.

Seamless Ribbed Shorts Set

Neon colors were all the rage in the ’80s and early ’90s, and that include workout clothes too. This trend is back now and more and more people are choosing brighter and more eye-catching shades for working out. This sports bra and shorts set is made from eco-friendly fabric and it is so comfortable and feels like second skin. Besides offering sculpting and lifting abilities, it has contouring panels that enhance curves.

Premium Seamless Ribbed Short Set

Ribbed Shoulder Bralette

Another colorful style that is trending is mixing things up with bold colors. You can get yourself a blue bralette like the one below and match it with the ribbed shorts above. This bralette is made from recycled material and offers medium support. You can wear it as a bra or a crop top. 

Fancy Summer Ribbed One Shoulder Bralette

Tie Dye Booty Bodysuit

Another huge trend in the 90s was the tie-dyes and looks like this trend is back too and not going anywhere. This one-piece tie-dye bodysuit is perfect for activewear because it is very eye-catching and vibrant. Besides making you feel confident, it ensures everything will stay in place when you are exercising. Made with stretchy and form-fitting material, it is comfortable to wear, enhances the body curves, and allows you to flaunt your body with confidence. 

Seamless Tie Dye Scrunch Booty Bodysuit

One Piece Activewear

One-piece activewear is set for take-off this season and if you would like to add one to your wardrobe, check out this full-length bodysuit. This ribbed seamless bodysuit is made with 4-way stretch fabric and hugs the body in all the right places. Its contouring seam will control the tummy while the back scrunch seam detail enhances the curve. This full-length bodysuit features a cross back with adjustable straps. 

Premium Seamless Full Length Bodysuit

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