4 Easy Steps to Buy Underwear for Your Girlfriend

4 Easy Steps to Buy Underwear for Your Girlfriend

Imagine your girlfriend asking you to buy her cute underwear that you want her to see. Truth be told, it’s a great way of spicing things up in the bedroom. However, as guys, it can be a head-scratching moment because men don’t know how to purchase lingerie. Lingerie shopping isn’t easy because you’ve to worry about sizing, fitting, aesthetics, and much more.

So, if you have been worried about purchasing underwear that fits your girlfriend and looks amazing in it, we have the perfect step-by-step guide to help you. This guide is a go-to for you if you want to buy underwear for your girlfriend without compromising on her comfort and convenience.

1. Don’t Go All Out

If your girlfriend has asked you to purchase underwear for her because you guys want to make things spicy, we recommend taking it easy at first. This is because you’ve to be careful about her comfort zone. Sure, you can push it a bit, but if she is uncomfortable, it won’t be enjoyable for you either. Remember that it’s more about having fun.

We recommend looking at the underwear that she already has. It will give you an idea about the type she wears. For instance, if she is always roaming in cotton briefs, getting her lacy panties might not be a suitable choice. In fact, even the thong has to be comfortable. If you want her to have something sexier than cotton briefs, start with lacy cotton panties so she doesn’t feel weird. The trick is to take it slow!

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2. Don’t Forget about Her Insecurities

If you have no idea about her personal style and need to purchase underwear, we recommend that you recall her insecurities. That’s because you’ve to choose comfortable underwear for women rather than something that invokes their insecurities. It’s true that most women feel extremely uncomfortable about their bodies.

For this reason, they don’t wear revealing clothes. As a man, you have to be considerate during the search process. Of course, you’ve to think about what you would like on her, but be considerate about her feelings and comfort level as well. If you want her to change the style, it’s better to take baby steps until she feels completely safe and comfortable around you.

On top of everything, women are self-conscious, but they get better with compliments. So, when you get her something different, and she shows her resistance because of insecurities, it’s your duty to compliment her. As a result, she will be able to embrace everything she has been scared of.

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3. Know the Size

One of the most important factors in purchasing underwear is to know the size. You have to know the size of your girlfriend to make sure you are buying the right option. That’s because if you don’t have the size, you won’t be able to choose something that fits her. For instance, if it’s too big, it will not look good under clothes.

On the other hand, if the size is too small, it will suffocate her and cause irritation. To know the size, we recommend peeking inside your girlfriend’s lingerie drawer and checking the size. However, if that’s not a possibility, you can simply ask her. Don’t worry about offending her because she will actually like that you want her to get something perfect.

In case you get to know the size, you’ve to remember that every brand has different sizing, so talk to the sales representative and let them know the size. Since they know the sizing differences, they will be able to give you something of her size.

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4. Check the Price

Last but not least, you have to check the price. Many boyfriends get spooked when they first see the price tag on lingerie items, but don’t be. Truth be told, it seems more expensive than real estate at times, and it’s because you’ve to pay for the labor. In fact, high-quality underwear is expensive because the brands use premium materials.

The premium materials are essential because the skin around the vagina is sensitive, so the fabric shouldn’t cause any irritation. Keep in mind that underwear is meant to support and conceal the hips, which is why you need to be prepared to spend a few extra bucks.

In fact, keep in mind that low-quality and cheap underwear won’t be comfortable, and they won’t even last a day. So, always choose quality underwear so she can look and feel amazing at the same time.

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The bottom line is that purchasing underwear for your girlfriend is a difficult task. You’ve to be careful about making things sexy and comfortable at the same time. We have added four steps, so we hope your next trip to the shopping mall will be a bit easier.

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