This season, the trends in footwear are effectively unlimited, and the stores are ready to offer you all the options to wear something chic and comfortable at the same time.

We know that every winter you can choose to wear any kind of comfortable and warm boots, in summer you can wear any type of sandals that let your foot breathe, and in spring and autumn you can choose shoes that do not get wet on your feet if you get caught in the rain, but you definitely want to combine the useful with the pleasant and especially with the aesthetics!

As every year, new trends and many changes in the field of shoes appear. Of course, even in the autumn-winter season 2021-2022 there will be many classics that will remain, but some shoe models will take us by surprise.

The classic high boots

Classic high boots remain fashionable this year as well, especially when worn with skirts and dresses. They are also suitable for skinny jeans. However, high boots are a shoe that has never left us, but that returns with new versions and models, for all tastes and styles. This is a feminine shoe that looks good on any foot! But, as a novelty for this fall, in vogue, are thick soles, square and small heels. Another trend that impresses is the metal boots or with sequins and glitter, which will make waves this season.

The cowboy boots

Cowboy boots are still preferred by fashion designers, but this year they opt for the highest ones, even for those that reach above the knee. Of course, the classic ones stay in the landscape, if they have a cool and fresh design and highlight your leg. With a pair of cowboy boots, you can complete an outfit consisting of a dress with ruffles or a cloche skirt, to which you add a rebellious and sexy hairstyle, at the same time.

Shoes with platforms and round muzzle

The type of footwear that will make waves this season is the one with huge platforms, whether we are talking about shoes, boots, or ankle boots. Also, those with thick soles and straps, with a round or square muzzle are also trending this season!

Shoes with sharp & chiseled toe

After years of being condemned to sit in the darkest corner of the closet, shoes with a very sharp, chiseled toe return to the wave. But the most important thing is that these shoes have a heel of more than six centimeters. And you no longer need to wear them just for a special night or a romantic dinner. The fall of 2021 says that anytime is the ideal time to wear such shoes!

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