Margot Robbie reveals an off-shouldered flower skirt at The Tonight Show, revealing that she threw a front flame on Valentine’s Day

floral printed dress

Margot Robbie starred in The Tonight Show on Monday night.

The 28-year-old actress wore an off-shoulder flower skirt with red lips chatting with Jimmy Fallon.

Robbie is currently promoting her new movie Queen Mary Scots.

Margot couldn’t help but smile because she was warmly welcomed by the audience at The Tonight Show.

The star of the suicide squad will wear her floral dress with pearl earrings and black pumps.

After the interview, Robbie played a round of loading problems with the late night host.

Alcohol-driven games require everyone to answer unknown questions at the bottom of the roller coaster. If the player decides not to disclose the problem to the audience, they will be forced to shoot.

Jimmy, who is very happy with Jimmy, revealed that she abandoned an ex-boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

“Are you breaking up with someone on Valentine’s Day? God!” he said.

“It’s terrible. I hope God doesn’t look at this,” she said.

Robbie and Santiago Ronan starred in Queen Mary of Scotland.

The film premiered on December 7th, telling the historical family confrontation between Mary Stewart and Elizabeth I.

As expected, Mary tried to overthrow Elizabeth and seize the British throne, eventually ending with her imprisonment and beheading.

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