Buying a new lipstick is like picking rocks from the stone stores they are too many options, and so frustrating to find the perfect one. Sometimes wearing makeup can be pointless if you don’t pick the right lipstick to wear. Lipstick is the staple piece for makeup; nothing works better than having your lipstick on your pouch rather than any of your cosmetics. Lipstick is super and extra versatile; some women use them for blushes and even for eyeshadows. So whether you need a quick fix or a detailed look for certain parties, an essential piece you should have is lipstick. The lips is one of the most sensual parts of the face making it more attractive for the opposite gender. That is why a good choice of lipstick can make you stand out and draws attention.

I’ve rounded up different lipstick you can at least try, whether a statement red lipstick, nude and down to matte; we got you.

Powermatte Lip Pigment

This lipstick draws the customer’s attention, making them the best favorite liquid lipstick. It has an opaque finish in a light touch. Its applicator also gives the most reviews by the other purchasers since it has a doe-foot style applicator giving you a way to precisely make your lips more perfect pointy edge, making it easier to control and apply.

Power Bullet Matte Lipstick

Countless women love this matte lipstick, and it has a range of colors that is too fun to use. So if you haven’t tried this lipstick on, now is your time to buy them. It has perfect dusty shades, nude colors that can flatter any skin color. If you have a problem with the matte formula, a cream formula helps your lips not get too dry.


If you are fond of long-lasting lipstick, Maybelline offers you one of their best lipstick. They also have plenty of rich colors and shades that you will surely get interested in; this lipstick will stay on your lips after you applied it, and no matter what drink or food you eat, the lipstick will stay. It is so impressive-feeling not super dry after using them.

Make It Shine

Some women love the finish of reflective gloss that makes your lips more lively, and this lipstick is one of their best choices.  It offers the prettiest shiny finish with a subtle color that looks more natural on your lips. It also has a greater variety of colors and shades which can complement any skin tone.  

Go For Pigment

This long-lasting pigmented lipstick is one of my favorites, and the packaging feels so luxurious and the way the matte and shiny shades.  All colors and hues are getting better since it is all saturated and has a quality coat.

In the end, your lipstick can save you anytime and can make you feel more beautiful and better. This piece of makeup can live up to your expectations, making it the most versatile piece in terms of cosmetics. When buying them, it is essential to have different choices and know better what best suits you.

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