Lady Kitty Spencer surprises the flamenco dancers – we like it

floral printed dress

Lady Kitty Spencer is currently working with Dolce & Gabbana on Lake Como, a high-end designer brand she often designs for.

On the weekend, the beautiful 27-year-old walked on the show floor of the Alta Moda show, walking with Naomi Campbell and Ashley Graham – Liam Payne offers entertainment. The star-studded event showcases the brand’s Avant Guard clothing style, and Kitty looks incredibly high-octane haute couture gowns featuring rolled sleeves and huge exaggerated skirts with a large gold crown.

Later in the evening, the model became a slightly relaxing thing – a green and pink floral print dress with a rich layer of pure material. The eye-catching print praises the color of her blonde hair and the English rose, which reminds us of the gorgeous flamenco dancers! Diana’s niece even finished with the red rose on her hair – very Spanish!

This model is Charles Spencer’s eldest daughter – Diana’s brother – when she died, she was six years old. Kitty has accumulated a lot of attention on her Instagram account, and fans sometimes comment on how similar her views to the late princess. Hello with you! Fashion Monthly Last year, Kitty talked about her aunt’s impeccable style and said loudly: “I think she is iconic. I think her fashion influence is still so beautiful. She is the great messenger of British fashion.”

In the same interview, Kitty also revealed that she tried to dress up for her own style and would not be concerned about the trend because of the popularity at the time.

“I think the best thing about fashion and style is to choose the part that suits you and play with them, not to follow any trends. I wear my shape, I like anything on the waist. I am sure my clothes are very delicate. , classic, but still very feminine – I don’t like anything picky,” she explained.

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