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The season is about to change and surely all women can’t wait to show off their seasonal clothes and nail decorations.

Nails are one of the woman’s self-esteem points and it is always possible to try new shapes, new colors and designs and at every moment there is a new technique and style to test.

Whether you’re doing it at home or going to a professional, it’s important to be very careful when preparing your nail to avoid bruising and you should also be careful right after you’re done to avoid smudging everything.

In this article, you will find tips for doing your nails at home and amazing inspirations.

by devmaryna –

Preparing your kit

To prepare your nails, you need a basic nail kit that should contain pliers, a cuticle spatula and a nail file.

Start by removing the old nail polish if you have it, always opt for nail polish remover instead of acetone, as it harms the nail less. After removing the nail polish, let your nails soak in water to facilitate the care of the cuticles, when you feel that it is already flexible, you need to gently push the cuticles and remove the excess. Many people prefer to completely remove the cuticles, but they serve to protect the nail, so it’s up to you to remove everything or just the excess. It is necessary to remember that if you act on cuts, you need to disinfect well to avoid inflammation and future pain.

Then you can adjust the size and shape of the nail little by little with the nail if you prefer and then do a hydration on the nails and cuticles to prepare for the enamelling.

Always remember to polish your nails to get a smooth base that will leave your nail polish perfect.


Always start painting your nails using a clear base coat. The base helps to prevent the enamel from staining the nail and becoming a more time-consuming process at the time of removal. After the foundation is dry, you can apply it to your desired color. Always make thin coats and wait for them to be completely dry before applying the next coat, to avoid bubbles and a bad finish.

After enameling, use a base again to improve the duration of the enamel. There are gel top coats that make the enamel last up to 15 days.

If you go to the salon, forget the tips above and only worry about the design you want on your nails.


Minimalist nails are all the rage in 2022. The nail consists of a standard color followed by some detail art. It can be a line, a dot of color or a simple drawing. It looks beautiful and classic.


Frenchies never go out of style

Franchies never go out of style and this year is no different. The innovation here is that franchies are on the rise in different colors and sizes, in addition to being followed by stones. It is also a trend those that go down the length of the nail or in atypical formats.


Nails with colorful and fun designs will be in the hands of women. This trend brings in the colors of the season and is a great experience for anyone looking to try new things.


In addition to the trends already mentioned, others that will also be with everything are the green colors, very peri, pastel tones and gel-inspired nails.

How about following the inspirations and finding your next nail decoration.

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