Since Pantone declared the color of 2020 to be ultraviolet (a bright purple), we have seen some of the most pleasing purple fashions in a long time. Purple brings drama to even the most traditional dress, producing excitement and immediate effect. Could you have worn purple? You may as well wear purple? What message is it sending?

It’s also a color synonymous with magic and spirituality. It is intuitive, receptive and creative, which is the positive psychological influence of purple.

What shades make up purple. It’s really a combination of red and blue, warm and cold, feminine and masculine, when you break purple down. In hundreds of colors, from lavender to ultraviolet, you will find black, from indigo to plum, eggplant, and deep royal purple. For everyone, there really is a shadow!

When to Wear Violet

Purple is a color that works throughout the year. Traditionally, in the fall we wore deep dark purples, and in the spring and summer we wore lighter, softer purples, but now that distinction has been thrown out of the window. This fall, both shades of purple are combined with typical fall shades, from pastel purple to bright purple.

When you just want to be heard, purple is striking for formal events. As an alternative to black, it is also controlling at work. Casually worn with your favorite jeans or as athletic apparel, Purple is vibrant. The only occasion that you don’t want to wear purple is in Thailand for a funeral.

What Purple Shades to Wear With

All purple: So the way to go is head to toe purple if you want to be heard. A long purple Mother of the Bride Gown, for instance, would be breathtaking. In a monochromatic suit, different shades of purple worn together are also very elegant. Imagine shades of lavender-mixed ultraviolet, or cool purple and warm plum. Such combinations will be fantastic.

Purple + Dark Neutrals: Consider purple worn with navy or black if you like the concept of purple but want to tone things down a little. Anything as basic as your blue jeans looks quiet but strong with a purple blouse.

Purple + Light Neutrals: When you are not used to wearing it, purple worn with nude accessories is ultra-elegant and a nice way to ease into purple. It will make you look soft and sweet with light purple or lavender worn with white. There was a whole lot of contrast between deep purple and white and it would make you look bold and dramatic.

There are variations of the love of artistic forms. Try wearing a purple splash of bold red, for instance, such as a purple pump with a red blouse and your favorite jeans. To pull off this one takes a little trust, so start tiny.

Purple with Metallics: Silver and gold both look wonderful with purple. Gold looks classy and old world, while silver looks icy, expensive and modern (think of a queen’s purple robe edged in gold).

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