If it were up to me in the fashion hall of fame, the overalls would have their own spot. There is an overall outfit that will fill your fashion needs, whether you’re looking for something a little more elevated. Want an outfit that’s a trendier sider, or just want to wear something that’s cute and comfortable.

Don’t you know how to wear overalls? Oh, no worries! While classic denim overalls are essentially a necessity for a closet and are super easy to style, they are certainly not the only choice. Overalls have evolved well beyond their blue jean origins, from animal print to leather. allowing us the ability to wear them in other aspects of our lives, such as working with friends and enjoying nights out.

From a picnic in the backyard to brunch with the ladies, overalls are a simple but trendy choice no matter the occasion. Check out 15 fun and trendy outfit choices below that will make you never really go out of style with happy overalls.

Color-Blocked Overalls. These overalls’ color-block style gives them a complete retro feel. The full ’70s look is complete, combined with a thick-heeled boot and a groovy pattered hat.

Jackson Denim Overall. These overalls have the same color-block/patch-work theme. lthough a bit lighter in wash, and are the perfect beginning for a general outfit influenced by the ’70s. Try to wear them with these boots, and there will be a far-out look for you.

Black Denim Overalls. Without making them harder to style, the color makes them a little more chic than your standard denim overall.

Relaxed Overalls. Black overalls, worn with a cosy sweater and a pair of sneakers, are a casual but trendy go-to option for a cool fall or spring day.

Classic Overalls. Without paying homage to classic denim overalls, you cannot speak about overall outfits. They are timeless, stylish, and can be worn with anything from a black turtle neck to your favorite striped sweater.

Distressed Overalls. You want to keep things easy when purchasing classic denim overalls. Look for a pair like this that has little detail and fits like a pair of jeans with a straight leg.

Overall Dress. Tired of plain overalls made of denim? Try an overall gown! Their denim design helps to retain the overall element of the easy-to-style element, but allows you the ability to adjust it.

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