How To Revamp Your Vintage Pieces Of Clothing Into Modern Attire

Fashion is all about taking inspiration from the past and creating something new, and sometimes it is about re-creating past trends with a modern touch. This is modern vintage fashion. Most of the things that are popular today, such as collared shirts, high-waisted bottoms, and even bold prints, are all vintage-inspired modern looks. Clothing like shirtwaist dresses, full swing skirts, and layered flapper-style dresses blend vintage and modern.

If you understand what looks best on you and how to play with colours, creating a modern vintage look will be easy for you. And vintage looks would be easier to find, especially if you like thrift stores.

Here are some things you can do to create a modern-vintage style. 

· Save Outfit Inspirations

The very first step of creating modern vintage fashion is to save inspiration. If you want to create a modern look from your vintage clothes, or if you want to create a modern vintage style by thrifting vintage looks, it is important to have inspiration. Save the vintage-inspired looks on your Pinterest board or Instagram. If you go to thrift stores or shop online, you will have an idea of what you are looking for. 

· Mix-Match Tops and Bottoms

Vintage skirts and pants had the most exciting and vibrant prints. You can create a vintage-inspired look by wearing the alternate aesthetic of both eras. If you wear a floral vintage-inspired top with modern conventional pants or vintage striped pants with a plain solid-coloured shirt with an overcoat – it’s a perfect modern vintage outfit. 

· Jacket and Layering 

Coats, jackets, and layering are always the right way to look fashion-forward, and if you find the right clothes, you can easily create a vintage-inspired modern look. If you go to the vintage thrift store, look for dusters, they will help you create a modern vintage look. Moreover, dusters fit various body types, so you don’t have to stress about looking out of the place. 

You can choose these clothing pieces based on the season, so look for the right fabric. If you wear a plain white top and beige trouser and add a coat of any shade of brown over it, it will give you a vintage aesthetic look. You can always play with flowers if you love wearing many colours. A monochrome look is not a bad option if you find the right kind of trousers and jacket or suit. Or, turtle neck dress with trench coats. This look will give you the perfect androgynous look.

· Caftans as Dress/Cover Up

You can easily pull off 70s bold fashion with a caftan. It is one of the best vintage looks as well. If you do not have a colourful wardrobe, look for minimal sheer caftan that you can wear as a cover-up. Caftans are easy to find in thrift or vintage-inspired stores. And caftan fits a wide range of body types. Choose caftan based on your style and comfort. 

Style Your Modern Vintage Look 

When you recreate or take inspiration from an era to create a certain aesthetic, it is not just the clothing. Accessories and makeup also play a huge role. Or, if you want this to be your new style, you can add layers to short hair or have bob-cut hair.

When you buy clothing pieces, focus on jewellery too. Buy golden or rustic-looking lockets and pearls. Geometric earrings and necklaces will also blend with modern vintage fashion. Use modern-styled bags and sunglasses to accessorize the style.

For footwear, go for heels with rounded toes, shoes with heels, leather loafers, chunky sandals, oxford styles, or shoes with white laces. 

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