5 Kinds of Fresh Scents Perfume, Come and Collect Them!

Light and refreshing fragrances can be very pleasant, especially on summer days. To be captivating, a perfume must deliver the right amount of aroma without excess. Furthermore, you can communicate your personality through the scent you choose.

There are many factors that can influence the choice of a perfume, including how the notes react to your skin’s pH. But regardless, if you are looking for a perfume to be your signature brand, this article will help you choose the 5 freshest scents to collect.

1. Light Blue – Dolce & Gabbana

This perfume is very famous around the world, as it promotes an explosion of citrus freshness with notes of lemon, perfect for hotter days. Apple and cedar are also part of the top notes. These are combined with the softness of white rose and bamboo as heart notes. It finishes with a touch of musk in the base tone that makes a total difference. These details make it a vibrant and energizing perfume.

2. Jo Malone London Orange Peel Cologne

Colognes are perfect for giving a lighter aroma sensation, as they have a more moderate intensity than more powerful perfumes. Therefore, you can bet on a version considered the smell of royalty. For those who like the smell of citrus fruits, the aroma of tangerine blossom joins that of orange blossom to exude a very pleasant and sophisticated perfume. It will definitely make your spring and summer days brighter.

3. Acqua Di Gioia – Giorgio Armani

If you want the energy vitality and joy of the Mediterranean sea, this is the right perfume. It is a fragrance that can be classified as light and aquatic and has notes of Amalfi lemon and mint as a top. It can transport you to a paradise island with each spray, as it has brown sugar and French labdanum as a top note. The packaging is a charm in itself and can be an item that displays elegance in your personal fragrance collection.

4. Fizzy Mint Valmont Palazzo Nobile

A shareable perfume is great because you can choose the scent just for you or smell the version that will build on the skin of someone you love. Aromas are also responsible for causing sensory memories in our lives, so if you and your partner like the citrus family, you can at least give it a try. It has a spicy mint note which makes it a fragrance with an effervescent mint vibe. The spicy touch makes the smell cozy and attractive.

5. Eclat d’Arpège – Lanvin

With an elegant fragrance that exudes romance, femininity, and a symbol of eternal love, it has soft notes of orange blossom and bergamot. The peony is also present so you can evoke your sensitive side. It is a versatile perfume that can be used on many occasions. The great advantage of a light perfume is the fact that it makes it pleasant for both warmer days and slightly colder nights, making it an option that accompanies you at all times. The staying power is long, but the projection is moderate. Therefore, it can be the perfect choice for the modern and elegant woman.

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