It’s incredible how tiny pieces of accessories can make a difference in your look. For example, jewelry such as earrings gives extra glamorous to your pretty face. They can be a great complement to your overall style. 

But such an accessory is not a simple thing that you can neglect. Most times, the absence of them creates a significant void to your whole fashion statement. Hence, you need to take these tiny pieces like a big deal. To figure what is best for your style, you need to consider these factors and the suggested earrings to complete the package.

Fit for the occasion

When choosing what earrings to wear, you need to consider where you will be using them. Are you going to a formal party? Then, wear the classic ones with a sweet tone of pink for a feminine look. You can also wear this to your company meeting while wearing skirts and office coats. 

These earrings with rose gold stone are best to fit your cocktail dress. In addition, an ordinary hairstyle such as a lower back ponytail can turn into an elegant look with this pair.

Dangles for shape

It would be best if you also considered the shape of your face when you are choosing the best earrings for you. If you have an oval-shaped face, dangle earrings are perfect for you. These pairs lessen the narrow look of your face and highlight the classy look instead. 

Dangle earrings also emphasize your cheeks which means adding more sophistication. If you want to appear playful and sweet simultaneously, explore with the color of the designs in your dangles.

Suits your style

Are you the type who always goes for a dress instead of jeans? If so, there are many designs in store for you. Adding more style and drama to your classy look is this pair of origami earrings. Aside from its cultural sense, it can also give you the vibes of nature and the beauty of creation.

Hoops for your hairdo

Hair color is one of the factors that you need to consider when picking your best earrings. Hoops with brighter colors are perfect for darker hairs. Sometimes, dark hair shades give a stern and severe look, so to minimize that impression, pair it with candy shade on your ears. 

You can always go for a high ponytail or an elegant bun to expose your earlobe and flaunt your sweet pair of hoops if you have long hair. On the other hand, if your hair is short, it is best to go for the bigger ones with many colors.

Shade of your skin

Choosing a pair of earrings is like selecting the best dress. You need to take note of the color of your skin. If you have a lighter skin shade, try to go for contrasting colors such as the darker ones. According to some fashion experts, lighter shades of skin denote the spring season. Designs such as fruits and leaves can make a sweet look for you.

While it’s true that it is always up to your preference to choose the earrings you will wear, it would not hurt if you tie them in harmony with these factors to consider. After all, it is always best if you go for what you prefer and at the same time, what suits you best.

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