Summer Outfit Ideas: Popilush Dresses, Bodysuits and Jumpsuits

There are those who love the heat, others who want the season to pass quickly. But the fact is that we all want to be well dressed and feel good about our bodies at any time of year. For this reason, it is interesting to have inspiration for fun looks that can make us feel comfortable and beautiful.

Popilush makes our choices easier with a variety of sculpting bodysuit that allows versatility for any occasion. Additionally, you can mix the week’s compositions with dresses, jumpsuits and other pieces that will make you feel much more confident.

Bet on All White

It doesn’t only need to be used for specific celebrations or end-of-year parties. An all-white look goes well with summer and who knows, you could even create a monochromatic look with other neutral-tone pieces. A bodysuit with asymmetrical bands in the bust area can give you an extra detail that differentiates your clothing choice. Pair with linen or cotton pants in an equally light color.

The fine mesh is breathable, so you are free from stuffy clothes that increase heat. A shapewear mesh bodysuit contours the curves of your body for a clean, sexy look. The 360-degree elasticity and adjustable straps allow the bodysuit to adapt to your body shape.

Loose cream-colored shorts give you a fresh new look to enjoy a lunch by the sea or a night partying on the boat with friends. A block heel sandal is modern and represents good taste.

Dresses with light overlays

Days with warmer climates call for a more casual look most of the time, but when you need clothes that are a little more tailored for formal environments, the solution may be in lightweight overlays. You can combine your shaping dress with a women’s white button-down shirt. If it has sleeves, fold them or tie a knot at the bottom of the piece to add flair. In this case, always keep the buttons open.

Choose a vibrant color that represents summer well. Lime green is an interesting bet that can be combined with a linen coat with short sleeves for a casual chic look combined with flat sandals. The modal fabric is light, breathable and absorbs moisture very well, leaving you always dry. Plus, you get a well-aligned waistline through double-layer control. This dress hugs your curves so you can look your best in shape in comfort.

Jumpsuits are practical and never go out of style

You can opt for a comfortable, practical and casual look for hot days with a shapewear jumpsuit. There are many versions you can choose as a looser option for going to work with wide-leg pants. To complete your workouts at the gym, choose a shorts version for comfort and flexibility through the elastic fabric that structures your curves.

Pair it with your favorite sports sneakers and clear fanny packs. The shorts format can also work for very casual looks that are perfect for outdoor walks.

The sweetheart neckline makes your appearance more delicate and the triangular strap design embellishes the bust area. Reinforced straps not only provide support, but also promote comfort and safety. Take a walk or run without worry. You can even use a short-sleeved denim shirt as a layering and delicate accessories like small hoops and mini pearl chokers.

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